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Abnormal dynamic resting-state brain network organization in auditory verbal hallucination

Amygdala-prefrontal connectivity modulates loss aversion bias in anxious individuals

Intrinsic prefrontal organization underlies associations between achievement motivation and delay discounting

Anxious brain networks: A coordinate-based activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis of resting-state functional connectivity studies in anxiety

Connectome-based individualized prediction of loneliness

Intrinsic mesocorticolimbic connectivity is negatively associated with social amotivation in people with schizophrenia

Love is analogous to money in human brain: Coordinate-based and functional connectivity meta-analyses of social and monetary reward anticipation

Volume of motor area predicts motor impulsivity

Altered brain activation and connectivity during anticipation of uncertain threat in trait anxiety

Structure of the alexithymic brain: A parametric coordinate-based meta-analysis

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