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Electron-Beam Induced Luminescence and Bleaching in Polymer Resins and Embedded Biomaterial

Pancreatic beta cell autophagy is impaired in type 1 diabetes

State-of-the-art microscopy to understand islets of Langerhans: what to expect next?

Large-scale electron microscopy database for human type 1 diabetes

TLR3 agonists induce fibronectin aggregation by activated astrocytes: a role of pro-inflammatory cytokines and fibronectin splice variants

Correlative microscopy reveals abnormalities in type 1 diabetes

Multi-color electron microscopy by element-guided identification of cells, organelles and molecules

Nanodiamonds as multi-purpose labels for microscopy

Nanoparticle discrimination based on wavelength and lifetime-multiplexed cathodoluminescence microscopy

Correlated light and electron microscopy: ultrastructure lights up!

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