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How to find us P.R. (Pratik) Gupte

P.R. Gupte

PhD student
P.R. Gupte

PhD work

Individual based simulations

I use individual based simulation models to examine the evolution of movement strategies  indifferent scenarios:

  • When individuals move on a landscape where they can sense resources, but do not deplete the resource,
  • When individuals inhabit a landscape they can sense and deplete, with or without competitive interactions between agents,
  • When agents must make movement decisions in the absence of landscape cues, and can only gain useful information from other individuals, and
  • When agents move on a resource landscape they can sense, but which they both exploit and facilitate through movement.

High-resolution animal tracking

I back up some of the assumptions I make in my simulations --- and gain inspiration for them --- from my work with the Wadden Sea ATLAS system where we track large numbers of wintering red knots, and study their movement in relation to resources and individual consistency. I also maintain a small methods R package for this project, watlasUtils.

Side projects

I maintain a strong interest in other kinds of spatial data analysis, and I am currently involved in study the predictors of passerine occupancy in the Western Ghats of southern India, along with my collaborator Vijay Ramesh at Columbia University.

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