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Kinetics and 28-day test–retest repeatability and reproducibility of [11C]UCB-J PET brain imaging

Mapping and Imaging the Aggressive Brain in Animals and Humans

Evaluation of exercise-induced modulation of glial activation and dopaminergic damage in a rat model of Parkinson's disease using [11C]PBR28 and [18F]FDOPA PET

Exploring the impact of different aggression access levels in striatal dopaminergic system: a 11C-raclopride PET study

Kinetics and 28 day test-retest repeatability and reproducibility of [C-11]UCB-J brain PET imaging

Neural correlates of exceptional memory ability in SuperAgers: A multimodal approach using FDG-PET, PIB-PET, and MRI

Repeated social defeat induces transient glial activation and brain hypometabolism: A positron emission tomography imaging study

Depression comorbidity in epileptic rats is related to brain glucose hypometabolism and hypersynchronicity in the metabolic network architecture

The two sides of the coin of psychosocial stress: evaluation by positron emission tomography

Anti-inflammatory treatment for major depressive disorder: implications for patients with an elevated immune profile and non-responders to standard antidepressant therapy

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