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dr. P.J.M.D. (Peter) Essens

Director Center of Expertise HRM & Organizational Behavior

Essens, Peter J.M.D.

2013 – present Advisor Science in Practice, Department of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, University of Groningen.
2011 – present Principal Scientist Human and Organisational Innovations TNO.
1985 – present Scientific researcher TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research)

1995 PhD. Social Sciences. University of Nijmegen.
1981 MSc. Experimental Psychology. University Groningen.

1. De Vries, T. A., Walter, F., Van der Vegt, G. S., & Essens, P. J. M. D. 2014. Antecedents of individuals' interteam coordination: Broad functional experiences as a mixed blessing. Academy of Management Journal, 57, 1334-1359.
2. Essens, P.J.M.D., Thompson, M. , Febbraro, A., Baranski, J., Vogelaar, A.L.W. (2013). Collaboration in a Comprehensive Approach to Operations. NATO RTO technical report AC/323(HFM-204).
3. Goodwin, G.F., P.J.M.D. Essens, D. Smith (2011). Multiteam Systems in the Public Sector. In: Stephen J. Zaccaro, Michelle A. Marks and Leslie DeChurch. Multiteam Systems. An Organization Form for Dynamic and Complex Environments. Routledge Academic.
4. Kamphuis, W., Essens, P. J. M. D., Houttuin, K., Gaillard, A. W. K. (2010). PLATT: A flexible platform for experimental research on team performance in complex environments. Behavior Research Methods, 2010, 42 (3), 739-753
5. Essens, P.J.M.D. Vogelaar, A.L.W., Mylle, J.J.C., Blendell, C., Paris, C. Halpin, S.M, Baranski, J.V. (2008). Team effectiveness in complex settings: A framework for commanders. In: Eduardo Salas, Gerald F. Goodwin, C. Shawn Burke. Team Effectiveness in Complex Organizations: Cross Disciplinary Perspectives. Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives and Approaches.
6. Essens, P.J.M.D., Spaans, M., Treurniet, W. (2007). Agile networking in command and control. The International C2 Journal, 1, 177-210.

- Research program on C4I in a Comprehensive Approach (MOD; 6,800,000 Euro; 2011-2014).
- Research program on Moral Fitness in Networked Operations (The Netherlands Organisation for Fundamental Scientific Research (NWO); in collab. with TUE, NLDA) 500,000 Euro; 2009-2012).
- Research program on NEC Transformation (MOD; 1,800,000 Euro; 2008-2011).
- Research program on C4I - Human Factors studies (MOD: 2,800,000 Euro, 2007-2010).
- PhD project on Multi-Team Systems (MOD: in collab. with NLDA and RUG) (200,000 Euro, 2009-2013).
- PhD project on Leadership in Networked Command and Control (MOD; in collab. NLDA and UvT; 200,000 Euro, 2005-2009)

- NATO Science and Technology Organisation certificate for Leadership in developing science and techology approaches in the pursuit of NATO coalition strategic goals and in the contribution to a new NATO S&T Priority in Socio-Cultural Behaviour. October, 2014.
- NATO RTO Excellence Award for Leadership of the NATO RTO HFM Task Group on Team Effectiveness, April 2007.
- TNO Synergy Award 2007 for the Netcentric crisis management analysis team in the National Exercise (‘Voyager’ Sept, 2007) by the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the Ministry of Defence.

- ‘From clear military roles to fussy worlds and deep uncertainty: New requirements for commanders and personnel’. Invited speaker at NATO STO Panel for Human Factors and Medicine, Vlinius, October 2014.
- ‘Complex Challenges, Complex Collaborations’ Invited speaker at Mini-symposium New ways in Rotterdam Main Port area developments, November, 2011.
- ‘Command Team Effectiveness: status, questions & future directions’ Invited Speaker at Seminar on 'Aspects of personality in a military context: Lessons for leaders' at Royal Military Academy Department Behavioural Sciences, November, 2011.
- ‘The Comprehensive Approach - Will it accelerate or hinder NNEC?’ Invited Speaker at NNEC Symposium Helsinki, Finland. April, 2011.
- ‘Leadership in a Comprehensive Approach’ Invited speaker at 'C2 in Comprehensive Approach' Workshop Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr, Hamburg, Germany. April, 27-28, 2011.
- Co-organiser and Speaker International NATO Workshop ‘Effective Collaboration in Joint, Multinational, Multiagency Teams and Staffs: Collaboration in a Comprehensive Approach to Operations’. October, 2010 Toronto.
- ‘From Place to Spaces: on Virtual Command Posts of the Future’ Invited Speaker at C2COE International Symposium on Command Posts of the Future. Soesterberg, October 2009.
- ‘Mission Command in Networked Operations’ Invited Speaker at NNEC symposium Washington, May 2009.
- ‘Adaptive Organisations’ Invited Speaker at the Inaugural Meeting of the ‘Netcentric Working’ Platform for the Netherlands Public Security and Safety Regions, May, 2008.
- ‘Visiting Professor’ at the University of Linköping Sweden, invitation for giving Post-doctoral Course on Team Effectiveness for the Swedish Human Factors Network; and a Colloquium on ‘Team as Design Driver’ for the Swedish VINN Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence HELIX, June, 2008.
- Invited scientist at the Workshop on Moving Towards an Understanding of Multi Team Systems. University of Central Florida, June, 2008.
- ‘Experimentation in Command and Control: Command in NEC’ Invited Speaker at the NATO NEC Conference on Progress towards NNEC. Antalya, May, 2008.
- Invited Symposium Chair - Team Track. NATO RTO HFM-142 Symposium on Adaptability in Coalition Teamwork (Copenhagen, April, 2008).
- Invited lecturer at NATO NEC/NCW Course: ‘Network Enabled Capabilities - Sense Making’. (Ede, NL, Oct., 2007).
- Invited speaker at C2COE Conference on Command and Control and NEC (Amsterdam, June, 2007).
- Invited speaker at Workshop on New Developments in Command and Control (FFI, Linkoping, Sweden, Sept 2006).

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