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Complex nanoemulsion for vitamin delivery: Droplet organization and interaction with skin membranes

Martini 3 Coarse-Grained Force Field: Small Molecules

Martini 3 Coarse-Grained Force Field for Carbohydrates

Modelling structural properties of cyanine dye nanotubes at coarse-grained level

Polyply: A python suite for facilitating simulations of macromolecules and nanomaterials

Two decades of Martini: Better beads, broader scope

Bottom-up fabrication of a proteasome-nanopore that unravels and processes single proteins

Coacervate formation studied by explicit solvent coarse-grain molecular dynamics with the Martini model

Martini 3: A general purpose force field for coarse-grained molecular dynamics

Martini 3 Coarse-Grained Model for Type III Deep Eutectic Solvents: Thermodynamic, Structural, and Extraction Properties

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