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How to find us P. (Pina) Brinker, MSc

P. Brinker, MSc

PhD student
P. Brinker, MSc

The complexity of interactions in the triangle symbiont Wolbachia-microbiome-host Asobara japonica

The infection with the endosymbiotic bacterium Wolbachia leads in the parasitic wasp Asobara japonica to an asexual reproduction, favouring the transmission of Wolbachia. This Wolbachia-induced reproductive manipulation in A. japonica is imperfect and appears to depend on a certain threshold of Wolbachia titre (Ma et al., 2015). We hypothesise that the phenotypic effect of Wolbachia on the wasp is not only modulated by the interaction between hosts and symbionts but also by the interaction with other microbes, the microbiome, and the tripartite interaction between them, causing this failure in the manipulation. Therefore we will manipulate each partner separately, to disentangle the mutual influences on each other.  

Future students

Please contact me if you are interested in doing a project with me. I am happy to discuss ideas within the framework of my project or propose existing projects to you which we can develop further together. Supervision is in English 

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