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How to find us dr. N. (Nicola) Strisciuglio

Research interests

My research involves the creation of intelligent systems for audio and image analysis. I'm focusing on automatic (possibly biologically-inspired) systems for image classification in medical applications and for abnormal audio events detection in surveillance problems.


Trainable COSFIRE filters for vessel delineation with application to retinal images

Robust Inhibition-Augmented Operator for Delineation of Curvilinear Structures

A robust contour detection operator with combined push-pull inhibition and surround suppression

Efficient binocular stereo correspondence matching with 1-D Max-Trees

Enhanced robustness of convolutional networks with a push–pull inhibition layer

Multi-Objective Optimization for Asynchronous Positioning Systems Based on a Complete Characterization of Ranging Errors in 3D Complex Environments

U-COSFIRE filters for vessel tortuosity quantification with application to automated diagnosis of retinopathy of prematurity

Detecting Sounds of Interest in Roads with Deep Networks

Learning representations of sound using trainable COPE feature extractors

Learning skeleton representations for human action recognition

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