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Practical matters How to find us N. (Nnamdi Raymond) Oguji, PhD

Research interests

My research interest intersects thematic areas within international business that integrates digitization/big data. It includes how firms leverage big data for internationalization, supply chains and sourcing and to leapfrong the barriers to entry and opportunity recognition in emerging markets like Africa.  


Business-to-Business Marketing: An African Perspective. How to Understand and Succeed in Business Marketing in an Emerging Africa

Exploring the determinants of acquisition integration capability: Lessons from the acquisitions of Finnish multinational enterprises

International joint ventures research on Africa: A systematicliterature review, proposit ions, and contextualization

Understanding cross-border mergers and acquisitions of African firms: The role of dynamic capabilities in enabling competitiveness amidst contextual constraints

Market entry into Africa: Acquisitions and international joint ventures. Studies of foreign firms' market entry strategies, challenges, and performance in Africa

Determinants of Equity Changes in Partial Acquisitions of Finnish Multinationals in Foreign Markets

How do entry motives and institutions influence the acquisition strategies of multinationals in Foreign Markets? Lessons from Acquisitions of Finnish Multinationals in global markets.

Acquisitions Entry Strategies in Africa: The Role of Institutions, Target Specific Experience, and Host Country Capabilities: The case acquisitions of Finnish multinationals in Africa: Special Issue on Cross-Border Acquisitions

Africa as a Sourcing Location: Literature Review and Implications

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