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N. Munfaridah

PhD student
N. Munfaridah
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Exploring pre-service physics teachers' development of physics identity through the use of Multiple Representations (MR)

The use of multiple representations in the physics education field has been reported that it is effective in enhancing students' conceptual understanding and problem-solving. It has a direct relationship with the dimension of physics identity which refers to competence and performance. By this argument, I want to explore more how the use of MR influence overall dimensions of physic identity including recognition, interest, competence, and performance.

The construct of physics identity offers us with the lens to respond to the questions related to social frames for what it means to become a physicist and a physics educator, which goes beyond of cognitive domains of learning to include affective domain as well. Moreover, an identity framework can offer us a holistic understanding of individual development.

When exploring the literature,  I identified some missing gaps and questions that remain unanswered:
(a) What kinds of classroom practices that support the development of physics identity?
(b) What social and contextual cues that influence students' physic identity development?

Having special interest in the use of MR, as one kind of classroom practice in physics, I want to explore how MR might support the development of physics identity of pre-service physics teachers.

My project's aim is to examine three main research questions:
(1) How did preservice physics teachers’ physics identities develop over a specially designed course incorporating the use of the MR approach?
(2) How does a group of preservice physics teachers perceive their experiences in learning with the MR approach and influence their physics identity?
(3) What are the relation students' conceptual understanding and students' self-views as physics person?

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PhD student

(geen telefoonnummer bekend)