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Avian yolk androgens are metabolized instead of taken up by the embryo during the first days of incubation

Neglected aspects of hormone mediated maternal effects: Studies on early embryonic modulation of maternal hormonal signals in avian eggs and related methodological aspects

Revisiting mechanisms and functions of prenatal hormone-mediated maternal effects using avian species as a model

Steroid receptors and their regulation in avian extraembryonic membranes provide a novel substrate for hormone mediated maternal effects

Early embryonic modification of maternal hormones differs systematically among embryos of different laying order: A study in birds

Gonadal steroid levels in rock pigeon eggs do not represent adequately maternal allocation

High-Throughput Simulations Reveal Membrane-Mediated Effects of Alcohols on MscL Gating

Bacillus subtilis SepF Binds to the C-Terminus of FtsZ

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