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Students self-assessment in private education: the influence of the perceived quality in distance education courses for the sustained advantage of the institution

The lonely heroine: Portrayal of women scientists in films

Data-Texts in the Sciences: The Evidence-Explanation Continuum

The Place Where Languages Meet to Argue: A Contribution from an Analysis of the Brazilian National Curriculum

A doença dos trabalhadores da estrada de ferro: uma narrativa histórica e suas potencialidades para explorar aspectos de natureza da ciência

A doença dos trabalhadores da estrada de ferro: Considerações para a aplicação da narrativa histórica

Contextualized Questionnaire for Investigating Conceptions of the Nature of Science: Procedure and Principles for Elaboration

A large-scale survey on nature of science conceptions of the brazilian biology undergraduates and the potentially associated education factors

A Systematic Review of Studies about Conceptions on the Nature of Science in Science Education

Carlos Chagas (1879 - 1934) and the triple discovery: A teaching-learning sequence with historical inquiry case and nature of science

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