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N. Duran, MSc

PhD Candidate

Name:                        Nicolás Durán                                                                

Address:                    Friesestraatweg 276, 9718NS Groningen

Date of birth:             30 November 1982

E-mail address:

Research interests

Regional and urban economics, spatial econometrics: my current research deals with questions such as why and how prices in the housing market affect each other, even if at distant locations.


2013 - 2015       Research Master in economics and business │ University of Groningen, The Netherlands        

Awarded with an Erasmus Scholarship for Latin-American students.

Master research thesis: Spatial effects in the housing market: a theorical approach.

2010 - 2011       Postgraduate specialization: Finance│ University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

Scholarship provided by the Faculty of Economics of the University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, awarded for writing one of the top 5 best bachelor thesis of the faculty in 2009.

Relevant courses: Corporate finance, derivatives and financial instruments, banking economics, macroeconomics.

2002 - 2009       Bachelor in Economics │ University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

Relevant courses: Macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics mathematical economics. Specialization: Microeconomics. 

Bachelor thesis: Hyperbolic discounting among Uruguayan consumers: The arriving at the end of the month effect. (Awarded with a top 5 thesis of the year mention). Published in the Magazine of Economics and Business of University of Montevideo (see publications above).

Teaching experience

2015-2016                     Statistics I for EB&E

2015-2016                     Mathematics and Data Analysis for EB&E

2012-2013                     Introduction to Industrial Organization (Lecturer) │ Catholic University of Uruguay

Working experience

2011-2013                     Adviser to the National Director of Housing │ Uruguay’s Secretary of Housing, Environment, and Land Ordering. National Housing Directory. Public Sector.


  • Design housing policies: particularly with respect to the necessary conditions people should comply with, in order to access affordable housing solution plans.
  • Provide working solutions to financial issues for housing cooperatives financed by the secretary.
  • Elaborate evidence backed reports on the relevance, execution, and evaluation for several housing programs.
  • Critically assess the mechanisms by which the construction industry costs index was being calculated by the National Statistics Institute.
  • Gather data on housing prices from the General Registries Direction with intentions to elaborate a hedonic housing price index for Uruguay.

2010-2011                     Principal analyst for convenience stores on gas stations project │ DUCSA. New businesses unit. Gas and oil distribution industry.  


  • Define pricing and product assortment for new convenience stores in ANCAP gas stations.
  • Propose financially resilient commercial promotions for customers for both, the gas station and the convenience store products.
  • Provide support for commercial executives in negotiations with products providers.
  • Advice on virtually anything related to the project: from the ground layout of the stores to the colors and logo designs.

2008-2010                     Financial advisor and assistant economist to the fund manager │ SUPRAINVEST. Allied funds division. Financial and insurance brokerage. Offshore financial industry.


  • Design investment strategies for three funds with investment in other funds objectives for retirement plans purposes. Assist with the execution of said strategies.
  • Elaborate reports on performance of the funds, markets conditions, and markets outlook.
  • Advice on possible new investment strategies to be applied.
  • Give support to executives with financial advice for their clients.

2006-2008                     Industry Analyst │ The Nielsen Company. Retail market analysis unit. Consumption goods information industry. 


  • Elaborate reports on performance of brands and individual products in the retail market.
  • Present results to retail stores executives as well as to brand managers and executives at companies such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Colgate, and many others.
  • Provide advice to retail store managers on the business strategy to follow based on market information.
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Contact information

Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE Groningen
The Netherlands