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How to find us ing. M.P. (Marcel) de Vries
University Medical Center Groningen

ing. M.P. (Marcel) de Vries

Mass Spectrometry Technician at Department of Pediatrics seconded to Interfaculty Mass Spectrometry Center
ing. M.P. (Marcel) de Vries
+31 6 3022 1346 (mobile phone IMSC)
+31 50 36 36412 (office 3226--0602)
+31 6 3022 1346 (IMSC-mobile-phone)


A Collision-Induced Dissociation Cleavable Isobaric Tag for Peptide Fragment Ion-Based Quantification in Proteomics

A Versatile Isobaric Tag Enables Proteome Quantification in Data-Dependent and Data-Independent Acquisition Modes

Impact of spatial proximity on territoriality among human skin bacteria

Selective Maleylation-Directed Isobaric Peptide Termini Labeling for Accurate Proteome Quantification

Semi-microbiological synthesis of an active lysinoalanine-bridged analog of glucagon-like-peptide-1

Specific Affinity Enrichment of Electrochemically Cleaved Peptides Based on Cu(II)-Mediated Spirolactone Tagging

The interaction of fluorescent nanodiamond probes with cellular media

The use of metabolic profiling to identify insulin resistance in veal calves

Efficient and Selective Chemical Labeling of Electrochemically Generated Peptides Based on Spirolactone Chemistry

Incorporation of tryptophan analogues into the lantibiotic nisin

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