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Clinical Value of EGFR Copy Number Gain Determined by Amplicon-Based Targeted Next Generation Sequencing in Patients with EGFR-Mutated NSCLC

Inauguration of the Tanzania Society of Human Genetics: Biomedical Research in Tanzania with Emphasis on Human Genetics and Genomics

Targeted RNA sequencing enables detection of relevant translocations, single nucleotide variants and automatic leukemia classification

Targeted RNA-Sequencing Enables Detection of Relevant Translocations and Single Nucleotide Variants and Provides a Method for Classification of Hematological Malignancies-RANKING

Genetic Screening Test to Detect Translocations in Acute Leukemias by Use of Targeted Locus Amplification

A Comprehensive Dna Test For The Detection Of Translocations In Acute Leukemia

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