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A novel paradigm to investigate phonetic convergence in interaction

JURI SAYS: An Automatic Judgement Prediction System for the European Court of Human Rights

Using machine learning to predict decisions of the European Court of Human Rights

The influence of alcohol on L1 vs. L2 pronunciation

Judicial decisions of the European Court of Human Rights: looking into the crystall ball

Simply the Best: Minimalist System Trumps Complex Models in Author Profiling

An Analysis of Cross-Genre and In-Genre Performance for Author Profiling in Social Media

N-GrAM: New Groningen Author-profiling Model

Sparse Traditional Models Outperform Dense Neural Networks: the Curious Case of Discriminating between Similar Languages

GronUP: Groningen User Profiling: Notebook for PAN at CLEF 2016

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Robot weet welke uitspraak het hof zal doen

Computersysteem voorspelt EHRM-uitspraken