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dr. M.B. (Méadhbh) McIvor

Assistant Professor of Religion, Law & Human Rights


Research Interests:

Legal Anthropology    
Publics and Counterpublics    
Religious Publicity    
Human Rights Law    
Morality & Values    


Law & Religion: Anthropological Approaches    
Religion and the Politics of Human Rights    
Religion in the Public Domain    
Contested Humanity    
Cultural Impact of Religion: Working with Sources
Cultural Impact of Religion: BA Thesis Seminar
Religion and Politics
Religion, Conflict and Globalisation: Critical Issues

Under Contract: 

Forthcoming with Princeton University Press. Representing God: Christian Legal Activism in Contemporary England. (First monograph; working title.)

Recent Publications:       

2019. Rights and Relationships: Rhetorics of Religious Freedom among English Evangelicals. Journal of the American Academy of Religion 87(3): 860-888 (DOI: ).

2019. Human Rights and Broken Cisterns: Counterpublic Christianity and Rights-Based Discourse in Contemporary England. Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology 84(2): 323-343. (DOI: 

2019. Social Anthropology. In Handbook of the Interdisciplinary Study of Law and Religion. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Press, pgs. 243-259.

2018. Religious Freedom and the Politics of Empire. Religious Studies Review 44(1): 57-63 (DOI: 

2018. The Impossibility of Religious Freedom: ‘Legal Religion’ and its Discontents. In Law and Religion – Leading Works. Abingdon, Oxford: Routledge, pgs. 97-113. 

2017. Emoji Dei: Religious Iconography in the Digital Age. Bulletin for the Study of Religion 46(3-4): 56-61 (first author; co-written with Richard Amesbury). (DOI: 

2017. Nothing Outside the Text? Religion and its Others in Emoji Discourse. Bulletin for the Study of Religion 46(3-4): 64-65 (first author; co-written with Richard Amesbury). (DOI: 

2015. Carnal Exhibitions: Material Religion and the European Court of Human Rights. Ecclesiastical Law Journal 17(1): 3-14 (DOI: ).

Public Scholarship:       

2019. Witch Talk in Brexit Britain. Religion and its Publics (URL:

2019. Religion, Sexuality and Value Conflicts. Teaching Law and Religion (URL:

2018. Something There Is That Doesn’t Love a Wall. Public Books (URL: ).  

2018. Good Publicity? Public Theology in an Age of Public Shame. Political Theology Network (URL: ).

2018. Circumscribing the Body Politic: Circumcision, Religious Freedom, and Identity in Europe.   The Religion Factor ( URL ). 

2017. Boredom in the Court. Religion: Going Public (URL: ).  

2016. The Rise of Religious Litigation: Courts and the Generation of Religious Publicity. LSE Religion and the Public Sphere Blog. (URL: ).

Other positions

Deputy Director, Centre for Religion, Conflict and Globalisation
Assistant Editor, Journal of Legal Anthropology
Editor, The Religion Factor:
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