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Socializing Minds: Intersubjectivity in Early Modern Philosophy

Criticism and Silencing in Academia: The ambivalence of feedback

Introduction: Early Modern Philosophy of Language, Mind and Logic

The adversarial culture in philosophy does not serve the truth

Workshop on Medicine and Philosophy: The longue durée of humoral theory

Biased Beliefs: Spinoza on the Interaction of Ideas

Locke on Representation and the Role of Ideas

Locke’s Life-World: The Teleological Role of Secondary Qualities

Relativism in Early Modern Philosophy

The Conventionality of Lockean Complex Ideas

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Paul Cliteur, academische vrijheid en cancel culture

Are Philosophical Classics Too Difficult for Students? (guest post by Martin Lenz)

How does history of ideas figure in tackling the corona crisis? - Philosophy and Corona in 90 seconds, part 3

Handling Ideas

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