prof. dr. M.J. (Maarten) Postma

Professor Global Health Economics UMCG & RUG

prof. dr. M.J. (Maarten) Postma


  1. 2013
  2. Xiridou, M., Vriend, H. J., Lugner, A. K., Wallinga, J., Fennema, J. S., Prins, J. M., ... van der Sande, M. A. B. (2013). Modelling the impact of chlamydia screening on the transmission of HIV among men who have sex with men. BMC Infectious Diseases, 13(1), [436].
  3. Vriend, H. J., Lugnér, A. K., Xiridou, M., Van Der Loeff, M. F. S., Prins, M., De Vries, H. J. C., ... Van Der Sande, M. A. B. (2013). Sexually transmitted infections screening at HIV treatment centers for MSM can be cost-effective. Aids, 27(14), 2281-2290.
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