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How to find us dr. M. (Martijn) Hammers

dr. M. Hammers

Lecturer Ecology & Evolution


2003-2006 BSc Biology, University of Groningen

2006-2008 MSc Ecology (Cum Laude), University of Groningen

2008-2013 PhD, University of Groningen

2013-2014 Researcher, Alterra Wageningen UR

2014-2015 Guest researcher, Wageningen University

2015-2019 NWO-ALW Veni research fellow, University of Groningen


Publications in international peer-reviewed journals

  1. Hammers, M., and Van Gossum, H. Variation in female morph frequencies and mating success: random, frequency-dependent harassment, or male-mimicry? Animal Behaviour (76, 2008, 1403-1410)
  2. Hammers, M., Sánchez-Guillén, R.A. and Van Gossum, H. Differences in Mating Propensity Between Immature Female Color Morphs in the Damselfly Ischnura elegans (Insecta: Odonata). Journal of Insect Behavior (22, 2009, 324-337)
  3. Hammers, M., von Engelhardt, N., Langmore, N., Komdeur, J., Griffith, S. and Magrath, M.J.L. Mate-guarding intensity increases with breeding synchrony in the colonial fairy martin, Petrochelidon ariel. Animal Behaviour (78, 2009, 661-669)
  4. Van Gossum, H., Bots, J., Van Heusden, J., Hammers, M., Huyghe, K. and Morehouse, N. Reflectance spectra and mating patterns support intraspecific mimicry in the female colour polymorphic damselfly Ischnura elegans. Evolutionary Ecology (25, 2011, 139-154)
  5. Hammers, M., Richardson, D.S., Burke, T. and Komdeur J. Age-dependent terminal declines in reproductive output in a wild bird. PLoS ONE (7, 2012, e40413)
  6. Barrett, E.L.B., Burke, T., Hammers, M., Komdeur, J. and Richardson, D.S. Telomere length and dynamics predict mortality in a wild longitudinal study. Molecular Ecology (22, 2013, 249-259)
  7. Sánchez-Guillén, R. A., Hammers, M., Hansson, B., Van Gossum, H., Cordero-Rivera, A., Mendoza, D. I. G., and Wellenreuther, M. Ontogenetic shifts in male mating preference and morph-specific polyandry in a female colour polymorphic insect.BMC Evolutionary Biology (13, 2013, 116)
  8. Hammers, M., Richardson, D. S., Burke, T., and Komdeur, J. The impact of reproductive investment and early‐life environmental conditions on senescence: support for the disposable soma hypothesis.Journal of Evolutionary Biology (26, 2013, 1999-2007)
  9. Bots, J., Iserbyt, A., Van Gossum, H., Hammers, M. and Sherratt, T. N. Frequency-Dependent Selection on Female Morphs Driven by Premating Interactions with Males. American Naturalist (186, 2015, 141-150)
  10. Hammers, M., Müskens, G. J. D. M., Van Kats, R. J. M., Teunissen, W. A. and Kleijn, D. Ecological contrasts drive responses of wintering farmland birds to conservation management. Ecography (38, 2015, 813-821)
  11. Hammers, M., Kingma, S.A., Bebbington, K., van de Crommenacker, J., Spurgin, L.G., Richardson, D.S., Burke, T., Dugdale, H.L. and Komdeur, J. Senescence in the wild: insights from a long-term study on Seychelles warblers. Experimental Gerontology (71, 2015, 69-79)
  12. Kingma, S. A., Komdeur, J., Hammers, M., and Richardson, D. S. The cost of prospecting for dispersal opportunities in a social bird. Biology Letters (12, 2016, 20160316)
  13. Hammers, M., Komdeur, J., Kingma, S. A., Hutchings, K., Fairfield, E. A., Gilroy, D. L., and Richardson, D. S. Age-specific haemosporidian infection dynamics and survival in Seychelles warblers. Scientific Reports (6, 2016)
  14. Kingma, S.A., Bebbington, K., Hammers, M. Richardson, D.S. and Komdeur, J. Delayed dispersal and the cost and benefits of different routes to independent breeding in a cooperative breeding bird. Evolution.
  15. Hammers, M., Müskens, G. J., van Kats, R. J., Teunissen, W. A., & Kleijn, D. Concentrating or scattering management in agricultural landscapes: Examining the effectiveness and efficiency of conservation measures. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment (235, 2016, 51-60)
  16. Amininasab, S. M., Hammers, M., Vedder, O., Komdeur, J., and Korsten, P. No effect of partner age and lifespan on female age‐specific reproductive performance in blue tits. Journal of Avian Biology (doi:10.1111/jav.00970, 2017)
  17. van de Crommenacker, J., Hammers, M., van der Woude, J., Louter, M., Santema, P., Richardson, D. S. and Komdeur, J. Oxidative status and fitness components in the Seychelles warbler. Functional Ecology (doi:10.1111/1365-2435.12861, 2017)
  18. Komdeur, J., Richardson, D. S., Hammers, M., Eikenaar, C., Brouwer, L. and Kingma, S. A. The Evolution of Cooperative Breeding in Vertebrates. eLS (1–11, 2017)
  19. Hammers, M., & Brouwer, L. Rescue behaviour in a social bird: removal of sticky ‘bird-catcher tree’ seeds by group members. Behaviour (154, 2017, 403-411)
  20. Spurgin, L.G.Bebbington, K.Fairfield, E.A., Hammers, M., Komdeur, J., Burke, T. Dugdale, H. L. and Richardson, D.S. Spatio-temporal variation in lifelong telomere dynamics in a long-term ecological studyJournal of Animal Ecology (87, 2018, 187-198)
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  22. Groenewoud F., Kingma S.A., Hammers M., Dugdale, H.L., Burke, T, Richardson, D. S. and Komdeur J. Subordinate females in the cooperatively breeding Seychelles warbler obtain direct benefits by joining unrelated groupsJournal of Animal Ecology (87, , 2018, 1251–1263)
  23. van Boheemen L. A., Hammers M., Kingma S. A., Richardson, D. S., Burke, T., Komdeur, J. and Dugdale H. L. Compensatory and additive helper effects in the cooperatively breeding Seychelles warbler (Acrocephalus sechellensis). Ecology and Evolution (2019)
  24. Atawal, A. F., Mgbeahuruike, A. C. and Hammers, M. Microfilarial infections associated with body mass loss of village weavers Ploceus cucculatus. Ostrich (2019)
  25. Zhao, Q., Hammers, M., Li, C., Zeng, X., Hao, C., Lu, X. and Komdeur, J. Egg investment in response to helper presence in cooperatively breeding Tibetan ground tits. Journal of Avian Biology (2019)
  26. Hammers, M., Kingma, S. A., Spurgin, L. G., Bebbington, K., Dugdale, H. L., Burke, H. L., Komdeur, J. and Richardson, D. S. Breeders that receive help age more slowly. Nature Communications (2019)

 Book chapters

  1. Komdeur, J., and Hammers, M. Failed introductions: finches from outside Australia. In: Prins, H.H.T, and  Gordon, I.J. (eds.). Invasion Biology and Ecological Theory: Insights from a Continent in Transformation. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (2014)
  2. Komdeur, J., Richardson, D. S. Hammers, M., Eikenaar, C., Brouwer, L. and Kingma, S. A. The Evolution and Ecology of Cooperative Breeding in Vertebrates II. In: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LIFE SCIENCES. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd: Chichester (in press)

PhD Thesis

  1. Hammers, M. Ecology of senescence in a cooperatively breeding bird: a long-term study on the Seychelles warbler. PhD thesis. University of Groningen, Groningen. (2013)

Research reports

  1. Hammers, M. Effecten van windmolenparken op vogelpopulaties. WoT notitie, Wageningen (2014)
  2. Jansman, H. A. H., Buij, R., De Groot, G. A. and Hammers, M. Doorstart van het Nederlands korhoen? Oorzaken van achteruitgang en mogelijkheden voor behoud. Alterra Rapport 2498, Wageningen (2014)
  3. Schotman, A., Hammers, M., Jansman, H. A. H., Baveco, H. and Melman, Th. C. P. Populatiemodel grauwe gans: verbetering aannames habitatgebruik. Alterra rapport 2515 (2014)
  4. Melman, Th. C. P., Hammers, M., Clement, J. and Schmidt, A. M. Ontwerp beoordelingskader nieuwe stelsel agrarisch natuurbeheer. Alterra rapport 2503, Wageningen (2014)
  5. Melman, Th. C. P., Clement, J., Dekker, J. and Hammers, M. Natuur buiten de ecologische hoofdstructuur. Alterra rapport 2504 (2014)
  6. Hammers, M., Sierdsema, H., van Heusden, W. and Melman, T.C.P. Nieuw stelsel agrarisch natuurbeheer: voortgang ontwikkeling beoordelingssystematiek . Alterra rapport 2561 (2014)
  7. Kleijn, D., Teunissen, W., Müskens, G.J.D.M., van Kats, R.J.M., Majoor, F.A. and Hammers, M. Wintervoedselgewassen als sleutel tot het herstel van akkervogelpopulaties? Alterra rapport 2551 (2014)

Other publications

  1. Hammers, M. Waarom zijn er verschillende kleurvormen van het lantaarntje? Trias (20, 2008, 4-5)
  2. Hammers, M., Kingma, S.A., and Richardson, D.S. Biological understanding is key to translocation success. Zwazo (6, 2011, 22-23)
  3. Hammers, M. and Van Gossum, H. Mannelijke partnerkeuze en helpende versus misleidende signalen in vrouwelijke lichaamskleur bij het lantaarntje (Ischnura elegans). Brachytron (15, 2012, 16-24)
  4. Hammers, M., Fairfield, E. A. and Richardson, D. S. A healthy level of disease in the Seychelles warbler? Zwazo (in press)
  5. Richardson, D. S. & Hammers, M. Female warblers live longer when they have help raising offspring. The Conversation (23 April 2019)
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