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How to find us M.H. (May) Lee, PhD

M.H. Lee, PhD

FSE Post-Doctoral Fellow
M.H. Lee, PhD


University of Groningen

  • Co-instructor for mechanics
  • Coordinator of e-learning for relativity
  • Led tutorials for mechanics and relativity
  • Assisted with physics laboratory course

Michigan State University : Secondary Science Teaching Methods

  • Designed course syllabus on the teaching cycle (planning, teaching, assessing, and revising), addressing high-leverage teaching practices in science 
  • Provided instruction regarding the Next Generation Science Standards, with respect to the use of disciplinary core ideas, scientific practices, and cross-cutting concepts to develop learning objectives and assessments at the lesson, unit, and course levels
  • Mentored secondary science teacher interns (physics and biology) and led debriefing meetings with their mentor teachers 

University of Colorado Boulder : Mechanics (tutorials), Electricity & Magnetism (lab)

  • Revised introductory physics labs to incorporate more opportunities for student-centered reasoning (e.g., electric potential lab)
  • Developed student-centered activities to address concepts of torque, center of mass, and cylindrical moments of inertia


  • physics, AP Physics
  • pre-engineering
  • environmental science, AP environmental science
  • earth science
  • physical science
  • algebra

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