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Regulation of copper homeostasis by members of the COMMD protein family

Sorting out cholesterol metabolism: novel insights into the mechanism of endosomal trafficking of lipoprotein receptors

The hepatic WASH complex is required for efficient plasma LDL and HDL cholesterol clearance

The COMMD Family Regulates Plasma LDL Levels and Attenuates Atherosclerosis Through Stabilizing the CCC Complex in Endosomal LDLR Trafficking

News on the molecular regulation and function of hepatic low-density lipoprotein receptor and LDLR-related protein 1

CCC- and WASH-mediated endosomal sorting of LDLR is required for normal clearance of circulating LDL

Naturally occurring p16(Ink4a)-positive cells shorten healthy lifespan

The life cycle of the low-density lipoprotein receptor: insights from cellular and in-vivo studies

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