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How to find us dr. M.E. (Marietta ) Messmer

dr. M.E. Messmer

Associate Professor of American Studies
dr. M.E. Messmer

Courses Taught at Groningen University:

  • The Americas I: The American Century and Beyond (first year BA)
  • Theories of Culture I: Race, Class, and Gender in Contemporary American Society (first year BA)
  • North and South Americans (first year BA)
  • Dimensions of Space in the US and Canada (second year BA)
  • Theories of Culture II: Theories and Methods in American Studies (second year BA)
  • Early American Culture (second year BA)
  • Identity and Ideology, or America's Ethnic Borders: Latinos/as in the US (second year BA)
  • Mobility, Migration, and Transculturation (third year BA)
  • Beneath the American Dream: Class in Contemporary American Society (third year BA)
  • From Civil Rights to Anti-Capitalism: Social Movements in the Americas (MA)
  • Identity in Postethnic America (MA)
Courses Taught at the International Summer School at Graz University (2011-2013)
  • Negotiating Hemispheric Alliances: Mexico's Identity at the Crossroads
  • Visual Negotiations of the US-Mexican Borderlands
  • Cultural Identities in the US-Mexican Borderlands
Courses Taught at Göttingen University
  • Interculturality in the Americas (undergraduate seminar)
  • Representations of Slavery in Literature and Film (undergraduate seminar)
  • American and Canadian Fiction of the 1990s (undergraduate seminar)
  • Current Issues in Race, Class, and Gender Studies (undergraduate seminar)
  • Classics in American Drama (undergraduate seminar)
  • Women in Colonial British America (undergraduate seminar)
  • Analysis of American Poetry (undergraduate seminar)
  • Introduction to Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Fiction (undergraduate seminar)
  • Postmodern Theory in Contemporary British and American Academic Fiction (graduate seminar)
  • The American South: From Settlement to Reconstruction (graduate seminar)
Courses Taught at York University, Toronto
  • Introduction to Poetry
  • British and American Modernist Poetry and Fiction
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Contact information

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9712 EK Groningen
The Netherlands