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Detention for Deterrence? The Strategic Role of Private Facilities and Offshore Resources in US Migration Management

Teaching American Studies in the Age of Trump: How Transnational and Interdisciplinary Paradigms Can Help Us Negotiate Some of the Challenges of the 21st Century

Children and Youth: Disadvantaged and Disenfranchised by the Current U.S. Immigration Regime

Outsourcing Immigration Control: A Comparison between Current US and EU Immigration Policy Measures

America: Justice, Conflict, War

The International Turn in American Studies

Women at War: A Comparative Analysis of Gendered Discourses of the Nation during the American Civil War and the Mexican Revolution

Transfrontera Crimes: Representations of the Juárez Femicides in Recent Fictional and Non-Fictional Accounts

Do the Americas Have a Common Literary History?

A Vice for Voices: Reading Emily Dickinson's Correspondence

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