dr. M. (Marco) Demaria

Associate Professor

dr. M. (Marco) Demaria
m.demaria umcg.nl



Marco Demaria

Research units:

  • Damage and Repair in Cancer Development and Cancer Treatment (DARE)


• Travel Award, Montagna Symposium on the Biology of Skin 2014
• Best poster award, Bay Area Aging Meeting (BAAM) 2014
• Travel award, National Postdoctoral Association (NPA), Annual meeting 2014
• Post-doctoral fellowship, American Italian Cancer Foundation (AICF) 2012-2014
• Travel award, Mayo Clinic, Senescence and Healthspan Conference 2012
• Travel award, Nathan Shock Aging Center, Annual meeting 2011
• Graduate fellowship, Italian Minister of Health 2008-2011
• Short term fellowship, Society of Cell Biology and Differentiation (ABCD) 2007

Education/Scientific experience

2015- Group leader, ERIBA/UMCG, Groningen, Netherlands
2012-2015 Post-doctoral Fellow, Buck Institute for Research on Aging, Novato CA, USA
2012-2015 Consultant, Unity/Cenexys, San Francisco CA, USA
2008-2011 PhD, Molecular Medicin, University of Torino, Italy
2007 Internship, University of Wien, Austria
2005-2007 MS, Molecular Biotechnology, University of Torino, Italy
2002-2005 BS, Biotechnology, University of Torino, Italy

Research output

Cellular senescence contributes to radiation-induced hyposalivation by affecting the stem/progenitor cell niche

Peng, X., Wu, Y., Brouwer, U., van Vliet, T., Wang, B., Demaria, M., Barazzuol, L. & Coppes, R. P., 14-Oct-2020, In : Cell death & disease. 11, 10, 11 p., 854.

Prolonged hypoxia delays aging and preserves functionality of human amniotic fluid stem cells

Casciaro, F., Borghesan, M., Beretti, F., Zavatti, M., Bertucci, E., Follo, M. Y., Maraldi, T. & Demaria, M., Oct-2020, In : Mechanisms of Ageing and Development. 191, 10, 12 p., 111328.

Cellular senescence as a potential mediator of COVID-19 severity in the elderly

Nehme, J., Borghesan, M., Mackedenski, S., Bird, T. G. & Demaria, M., 21-Sep-2020, In : Aging Cell. 19, 10, 14 p., e13237.

A Senescence-Centric View of Aging: Implications for Longevity and Disease

Borghesan, M., Hoogaars, W. M. H., Varela-Eirin, M., Talma, N. & Demaria, M., 13-Aug-2020, In : Trends in Cell Biology. 30, 10, p. 777-791 15 p.

Cellular senescence impairs the reversibility of pulmonary arterial hypertension

van der Feen, D. E., Bossers, G. P. L., Hagdorn, Q. A. J., Moonen, J-R., Kurakula, K., Szulcek, R., Chappell, J., Vallania, F., Donato, M., Kok, K., Kohli, J. S., Petersen, A. H., van Leusden, T., Demaria, M., Goumans, M-J. T. H., De Boer, R. A., Khatri, P., Rabinovitch, M., Berger, R. M. F. & Bartelds, B., 29-Jul-2020, In : Science Translational Medicine. 12, 554, 14 p., 4974.

Cellular senescence promotes skin carcinogenesis through p38MAPK and p44/p42MAPK signaling

Alimirah, F., Pulido, T., Valdovinos, A., Alptekin, S., Chang, E., Jones, E., Diaz, D. A., Flores, J., Velarde, M. C., Demaria, M., Davalos, A. R., Wiley, C. D., Limbad, C., Desprez, P-Y. & Campisi, J., 8-Jul-2020, In : Cancer Research. 35 p.

Early ageing after cytotoxic treatment for testicular cancer and cellular senescence: Time to act

Lubberts, S., Meijer, C., Demaria, M. & Gietema, J. A., Jul-2020, In : Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology. 151, 8 p., 102963.

Link between increased cellular senescence and extracellular matrix changes in COPD

Woldhuis, R. R., de Vries, M., Timens, W., van den Berge, M., Demaria, M., Oliver, B. G. G., Heijink, I. H. & Brandsma, C-A., Jul-2020, In : American Journal of Physiology - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology. 319, 1, p. L48-L60 13 p.

Senescent Cells in Cancer Therapy: Friends or Foes?

Wang, B., Kohli, J. & Demaria, M., 29-May-2020, In : Trends in cancer. 6, 10, p. 838-857 20 p.

A bispecific inhibitor of the EGFR/ADAM17 axis decreases cell proliferation and migration of EGFR-dependent cancer cells

Soto-Gamez, A., Chen, D., Nabuurs, A. G. E., Quax, W. J., Demaria, M. & Boersma, Y. L., Feb-2020, In : Cancers. 12, 2, 14 p., 411.

SILAC Analysis Reveals Increased Secretion of Hemostasis-Related Factors by Senescent Cells

Wiley, C. D., Liu, S., Limbad, C., Zawadzka, A. M., Beck, J., Demaria, M., Artwood, R., Alimirah, F., Lopez-Dominguez, J-A., Kuehnemann, C., Danielson, S. R., Basisty, N., Kasler, H. G., Oron, T. R., Desprez, P-Y., Mooney, S. D., Gibson, B. W., Schilling, B., Campisi, J. & Kapahi, P., 24-Sep-2019, In : Cell reports. 28, 13, p. 3329-3337.e5

Restored immune cell functions upon clearance of senescence in the irradiated splenic environment

Palacio, L., Goyer, M-L., Maggiorani, D., Espinosa, A., Villeneuve, N., Bourbonnais, S., Moquin-Beaudry, G., Le, O., Demaria, M., Davalos, A. R., Decaluwe, H. & Beauséjour, C., Aug-2019, In : Aging Cell. 18, 4, 11 p., 12971.

Regulation of Survival Networks in Senescent Cells: From Mechanisms to Interventions

Soto-Gamez, A., Quax, W. J. & Demaria, M., 12-Jul-2019, In : Journal of Molecular Biology. 431, 15, p. 2629-2643 15 p.

Targeting senescent cells alleviates obesity-induced metabolic dysfunction

Palmer, A. K., Xu, M., Zhu, Y., Pirtskhalava, T., Weivoda, M. M., Hachfeld, C. M., Prata, L. G., van Dijk, T. H., Verkade, E., Casaclang-Verzosa, G., Johnson, K. O., Cubro, H., Doornebal, E. J., Ogrodnik, M., Jurk, D., Jensen, M. D., Chini, E. N., Miller, J. D., Matveyenko, A., Stout, M. B., Schafer, M. J., White, T. A., Hickson, L. J., Demaria, M., Garovic, V., Grande, J., Arriaga, E. A., Kuipers, F., von Zglinicki, T., LeBrasseur, N. K., Campisi, J., Tchkonia, T. & Kirkland, J. L., Jun-2019, In : Aging Cell. 18, 3, 15 p., 12950.

Cellular Senescence: Aging, Cancer, and Injury

Calcinotto, A., Kohli, J., Zagato, E., Pellegrini, L., Demaria, M. & Alimonti, A., Apr-2019, In : Physiological reviews. 99, 2, p. 1047-1078 32 p.

Identification of stable senescence-associated reference genes

Hernandez-Segura, A., Rubingh, R. & Demaria, M., Apr-2019, In : Aging Cell. 18, 2, 6 p., 12911.

Systemic clearance of p16INK4a -positive senescent cells mitigates age-associated intervertebral disc degeneration

Patil, P., Dong, Q., Wang, D., Chang, J., Wiley, C., Demaria, M., Lee, J., Kang, J., Niedernhofer, L. J., Robbins, P. D., Sowa, G., Campisi, J., Zhou, D. & Vo, N., 21-Mar-2019, In : Aging Cell. 18, 3, 11 p., e12927.

Cellular Senescence: Defining a Path Forward

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Caloric restriction and cellular senescence

Fontana, L., Nehme, J. & Demaria, M., Dec-2018, In : Mechanisms of Ageing and Development. 176, p. 19-23 5 p.

Biomarkers for cellular senescence

Demaria, M., 13-Sep-2018, Patent No. WO2018164580, Priority date 9-Mar-2017

Cellular senescence drives skin carcinogenesis

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Induction and Validation of Cellular Senescence in Primary Human Cells

Hernandez-Segura, A., Brandenburg, S. & Demaria, M., 20-Jun-2018, In : Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE. 136, 10 p., 57782.

Hallmarks of Cellular Senescence

Hernandez-Segura, A., Nehme, J. & Demaria, M., Jun-2018, In : Trends in Cell Biology. 28, 6, p. 436-453 18 p.

The effects of graded caloric restriction: XII. Comparison of mouse to human impact on cellular senescence in the colon

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Gene therapy for p16-overexpressing cells

Demaria, M., 19-Apr-2018, In : Aging. 10, 4, p. 518-519 2 p.

Cellular Senescence Is Induced by the Environmental Neurotoxin Paraquat and Contributes to Neuropathology Linked to Parkinson's Disease

Chinta, S. J., Woods, G., Demaria, M., Rane, A., Zou, Y., McQuade, A., Rajagopalan, S., Limbad, C., Madden, D. T., Campisi, J. & Andersen, J. K., 23-Jan-2018, In : Cell reports. 22, 4, p. 930-940 11 p.

A novel suicide gene therapy for the treatment of p16-overexpressing tumors

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Unmasking Transcriptional Heterogeneity in Senescent Cells

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Local clearance of senescent cells attenuates the development of post-traumatic osteoarthritis and creates a pro-regenerative environment

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Therapeutic interventions for aging: The case of cellular senescence

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Animal models for cancer and uses thereof

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Animal models of age-related disorders and age-sensitive traits associated with senescence-inducing stimuli and uses thereof

van Deursen, J. M. A., Baker, D. J., Kirkland, J. L., Tchkonia, T., Campisi, J., Demaria, M. & Laberge, R-M., 2-Feb-2017, Patent No. US2017027139, Priority date 23-Aug-2012

Cellular Senescence Promotes Adverse Effects of Chemotherapy and Cancer Relapse

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Compositions and methods for treating senescence-associated diseases and disorders.

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Cellular Senescence and Tumor Promotion

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Senescent cells: New target for an old treatment?

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Cellular senescence induced by paraquat drives neuropathology associated with Parkinson's disease

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Cellular senescence and tumor promotion: Is aging the key?

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Clearance of senescent cells by ABT263 rejuvenates aged hematopoietic stem cells in mice

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Targeting Senescent Cells: Possible Implications for Delaying Skin Aging: A Mini-Review

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Simvastatin suppresses breast cancer cell proliferation induced by senescent cells

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The DNA damage response induces inflammation and senescence by inhibiting autophagy of GATA4

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MTOR regulates the pro-tumorigenic senescence-associated secretory phenotype by promoting IL1A translation

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Cell Autonomous and Non-Autonomous Effects of Senescent Cells in the Skin

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p53 and rapamycin are additive

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An essential role for senescent cells in optimal wound healing through secretion of PDGF-AA

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Matters of life and breath: A role for hypoxia in determining cell state

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STAT3 can serve as a hit in the process of malignant transformation of primary cells

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A STAT3-mediated metabolic switch is involved in tumour transformation and STAT3 addiction

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Constitutively active Stat3 enhances neu-mediated migration and metastasis in mammary tumors via upregulation of Cten

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Selected internetional meetings

• Montagna Symposium on Biology of the Skin. Gleneden Beach, USA. 9-13 October 2014: Poster Session
• Bay Area Aging Meeting (BAAM). UC Berkeley; Berkeley USA, 25 May 2014: Poster session
• The science of staying younger longer. QB3 Symposium; San Francisco, USA. 25 October 2013: Poster Session
• Gordon Conference on Biology of Aging. Il Ciocco; Barga, Italy. 11-16 August 2013: Poster Session
• Bay Area Aging Meeting (BAAM). Buck Institute; Novato, USA. 25 November 2012: Oral Presentation
• Senescence and healthspan. Third Annual Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging Conference. Mayo Clinic; Rochester, USA. 8-10 November 2012: Poster Session
• Inflammation in Aging and Aging-Related disease. Nathan Shock Aging Center 2011 Conference on Aging; Bandera, USA. 13-16 October 2011: Oral Presentation
• FEBS. 36th FEBS Congress. Turin, Italy. 25-30 June 2011: Oral Presentation
• Society of Cellular Biology and Differentiation (ABCD). Annual Congress ABCD; Naples, Italy. 6-9 June 2009: Oral Presentation
• Italian Federation for Life Sciences (FISV). XII Annual Congress FISV; Riva del Garda, Italy. 24-27 September 2008: Poster Session
• Metabolism and Cancer. Symposium CIG; University of Lausanne; Lausanne, Switzerland. 6-9 June 2008: Poster session
• Jak-Stat Signalling symposium. University of Medicine; Wien, Austria. 25 September 2007: Oral Presentation
• Stats Stories. European Workshop; Paris, France. 7-8 June 2007: Poster Session
• Keystone. Keystone Symposium on "Jaks, Stats and Immunity"; Steamboat Springs USA, 5-10 January 2007: Poster Session
• Italian Federation for Life Sciences (FISV). X Annual Congress FISV; Riva del garda, Italy. 28 September-1 October 2006: Oral Presentation

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