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How to find us M. Castiñeira Reis, PhD


Au(III) Catalyzes the Cross-Coupling Between Activated Methylenes and Alkene Derivatives

Lewis acid promoted dearomatization of naphthols

Nucleophilic Dearomatization of N-Heteroaromatics Enabled by Lewis Acids and Copper Catalysis

Synthesis and Functionalization of Allenes by Direct Pd-Catalyzed Organolithium Cross-Coupling

Pushing the limits of concertedness. A waltz of wandering carbocations

Synthesis of Spirobicyclic Pyrazoles by Intramolecular Dipolar Cycloadditions/[1s, 5s] Sigmatropic Rearrangements

Mechanism of the Molybdenum-Mediated Cadogan Reaction

Gold-Catalyzed Dearomatization of 2-Naphthols with Alkynes

[MoO2]2+-Mediated Oxygen Atom Transfer via an Unusual Lewis Acid Mechanism

Synthesis of Benzodihydrofurans by Asymmetric C−H Insertion Reactions of Donor/Donor Rhodium Carbenes

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