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Asymptotic Stability Analysis of Lur'e Systems With Butterfly Hysteresis Nonlinearities

High Pixel Number Deformable Mirror Concept Utilizing Piezoelectric Hysteresis for Stable Shape Configurations

Influence functions for a hysteretic deformable mirror with a high-density 2D array of actuators

Recursive algorithm for the control of output remnant of Preisach hysteresis operator

Set Stability of Luré Systems With Preisach Butterfly Operator

Asymptotic Stability Analysis of Lur’e Systems with Butterfly Hysteresis Nonlinearities

Butterfly hysteresis loops modeling via Preisach operator

High pixel number deformable mirror concept utilizing piezoelectric hysteresis for stable shape configurations

Modeling and analysis of butterfly loops via Preisach operators and its application in a piezoelectric material

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