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Mastering memory: theoretical and practical building blocks for better adaptive fact learning

Prior Knowledge Norms for Naming Country Outlines: An Open Stimulus Set

Capturing Dynamic Performance in a Cognitive Model: Estimating ACT-R Memory Parameters With the Linear Ballistic Accumulator

Alleviating the Cold Start Problem in Adaptive Learning using Data-Driven Difficulty Estimates

Benefits of Adaptive Learning Transfer From Typing-Based Learning to Speech-Based Learning

Capturing dynamic performance in a cognitive model: Estimating ACT-R memory parameters with the linear ballistic accumulator

Lockdown Learning: Changes in Online Foreign-Language Study Activity and Performance of Dutch Secondary School Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Memory Performance in Special Forces: Speedier Responses Explain Improved Task Performance after Physical Exertion

Predicting University Students’ Exam Performance Using a Model-Based Adaptive Fact-Learning System

Translating a Typing-Based Adaptive Learning Model to Speech-Based L2 Vocabulary Learning

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