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Cost-optimal reliable power generation in a deep decarbonisation future

Is a 100% renewable European power system feasible by 2050?

Vulnerability of European intermittent renewable energy supply to climate change and climate variability

Technical demand response potentials of the integrated steelmaking site of Tata Steel in IJmuiden

A system perspective to the deployment of flexibility through aggregator companies in the Netherlands

An improved algorithm for single-unit commitment with ramping limits

Can liberalised electricity markets support decarbonised portfolios in line with the Paris Agreement?: A case study of Central Western Europe

Meat, dairy, and more: Analysis of material, energy, and greenhouse gas flows of the meat and dairy supply chains in the EU28 for 2016

Meteorological conditions leading to extreme low variable renewable energy production and extreme high energy shortfall

The marginal-cost pricing for a competitive wholesale district heating market: A case study in the Netherlands

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