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Dietary behaviour as a form of collective action: A social identity model of vegan activism

From toilet to table: Value-tailored messages influence emotional responses to wastewater products

‘Distancers’ and ‘non-distancers’? The potential social psychological impact of moralizing COVID-19 mitigating practices on sustained behaviour change

Folk Theories of Artifact Creation: How Intuitions About Human Labor Influence the Value of Artifacts

Improving Research on the Psychology of Sustainable Consumption: Some Considerations from an Early Career Perspective

Lay Concepts of Art, Craft, and Manufacture and the Implications for Sustainable Consumption

A dual-process motivational model of attitudes towards vegetarians and vegans

Commitment in relationships: An updated meta-analysis of the Investment Model

Greens or space invaders: Prominent utopian themes and effects on social change motivation

More Than Idyll Speculation: Utopian Thinking for Planetary Health

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