prof. dr. M.A. (Maria Antonietta) Loi

Professor of Photophysics and Optoelectronics

prof. dr. M.A. (Maria Antonietta) Loi


Postal address:
Gebouw 5118, ruimte 0051
Phone: +31 50 363 4119Fax: +31 50 363 8751
  1. 2019
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  5. 2018
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  10. 2017
  11. Guarracino, P., Gatti, T., Canever, N., Abdu-Aguye, M., Loi, M. A., Menna, E., & Franco, L. (2017). Probing photoinduced electron-transfer in graphene-dye hybrid materials for DSSC. PPCP : Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19(40), 27716-27724.
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