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A Parechovirus Type 3 Infection with a Presumed Intrauterine Onset: A Poor Neurodevelopmental Outcome

Motor and non-motor determinants of health-related quality of life in young dystonia patients

Movement disorders and nonmotor neuropsychological symptoms in children and adults with classical galactosemia

Cognition in Childhood Dystonia: A systematic review

Non-motor effects of deep brain stimulation in dystonia: A systematic review

Ataxia, dystonia and myoclonus in adult patients with Niemann-Pick type C

Cognitive and behavioral problems in children and adolescents with myoclonus dystonia

Cognitive problems and mood in children with primary and secondary dystonia

Substantial motor and non-motor symptoms in children and adults with classical galactosemia and organic acidurias

Development of Facial Emotion Recognition in Childhood: Age-related Differences in a Shortened Version of the Facial Expression of Emotions - Stimuli and Tests. Data from an ongoing study.

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