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How to find us L. (Lianmin) Chen

Research interests

Microbiome, Metabolism, Genetics, Bioinformatics


Arginine Supply Impacts the Expression of Candidate microRNA Controlling Milk Casein Yield in Bovine Mammary Tissue

Association between temperament related traits and SNPs in the serotonin and oxytocin systems in Merino sheep

Genetic and Microbial Associations to Plasma and Fecal Bile Acids in Obesity Relate to Plasma Lipids and Liver Fat Content

Gut microbial co-abundance networks show specificity in inflammatory bowel disease and obesity

Integration of epidemiologic, pharmacologic, genetic and gut microbiome data in a drug-metabolite atlas

Gut Microbial Associations to Plasma Metabolites Linked to Cardiovascular Phenotypes and Risk: A Cross-Sectional Study

Jugular arginine supplementation increases lactation performance and nitrogen utilization efficiency in lactating dairy cows

Megasphaera elsdenii Lactate Degradation Pattern Shifts in Rumen Acidosis Models

A System Biology Perspective on Environment-Host-Microbe Interactions

Exploration of serum sensitive biomarkers of fatty liver in dairy cows

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The microbes in your gut do not live alone