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How to find us L. (Liang) Xu, Dr. PhD

L. (Liang) Xu, Dr. PhD


A major challenge in ecology is the need for a better theoretical framework for understanding how species assemblages (ecological communities) arise, why some are species-rich and others species-poor, and why some species are present or dominant whereas others are not. I am interested in how to construct theoretical models to mimic the evolutionary processes and invent efficient tools with explanatory power to the evolutionary issues. The main method I take to study research questions is to construct mathematical models. Maximizing likelihood of models is the standard way to understand the performance of models. However, if models involve nonlinear and high dimensional structures, an analytical formulation is prevented. I exploit simulation approach to explore the behavior of this type of models. Furthermore, a series of likelihood-free methods (Approximate Bayesian Computation method variants) is applied to infer model parameters of this type.
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