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How to find us L. (Lei) Zhao

L. Zhao

Postdoctoral Researcher
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Education and Work Experience

2004.9-2008.6 Undergraduate, Nanjing University, China

2008.9 Postgraduate, Nanjing University, China

2009.10-2013.5 Ph.D. candidate, Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7 and l’Institut de Mécanique Céleste et de Calcul des Ephémérides
under directions of Prof. Alain Chenciner and Prof. Jacques Féjoz on the project "
Quasi-periodic and Almost- collision orbits in the Spatial Three-body Problem:; thesis defended on May 31st 2013

2013.9- Postdoc, Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Groningen (collaboration

with Prof. Henk Broer).



Ph.D. Thesis, Université Paris Diderot: Solutions quasi-périodiques et solutions de quasi-collision du problème spatial des trois corps, May 2013

Mention très honorable,

Jury: Jacques Laskar (CNRS-Observatoire de Paris), Alain Chenciner (Université Paris Diderot), Jacques Féjoz (Université Paris-Dauphine), Christian Marchal (ONERA), Jean-Pierre Marco (UPMC).


[A1] On invariant sets in Lagrangian graphs, with Xiaojun Cui, Science in China 53(12), pp. 3095-3098, (2010); 10.1007/s11425-010-4085-5

[A2] Quasi-periodic Almost-collision Orbits in the Spatial Three-Body Problem, arXiv:1308.2484 [math.DS], to appear in Comm. Pure Appl. Math., (2014),;

[A3] Kustaanheimo-Stiefel Regularization and the Quadrupolar Conjugacy, arXiv:1308.2314, to appear in Regul. Chaotic. Dyn., (2014), http: //;

[A4] Quasi-periodic Solutions of the Spatial Lunar Three-body Problem, Cel. Mech. Dyn. Astron.: 119(1), pp. 91-118, (2014), http://link.;

[A5] Partial Reduction and Delaunay/Deprit coordinates, arXiv:1401.6068, to appear in Cel. Mech. Dyn. Astron., (2014), 1401.6068.pdf;


[T1] Chinese Translation of "Leçons sur le problème des deux corps" of A. Albouy, Shu Xue Yi Lin (Translations in Mathematics, In chinese), (2013);

[T2] Chinese Translation of Une promenade dans les “Méthodes nouvelles de la mécanique céleste” of A. Chenciner, submitted, (2013).

Teaching Experience

2013.10 Poincaré’s work in celestial mechanics, as part of the Master course Dynamics and Chaos of Prof. Henk Broer, 4h, University of Groningen;

2014.2-2014.4 Teaching Assistant Integrerend project dynamische systemen (Dynamical Systems, third-year course, Prof. Holger Waalkens), 16 h, University of Groningen;

2014.2-2014.4 Teaching Assistant Analyse op varieteiten (Calculus on Manifolds, third-year course, Prof. Alef Sterk), 16h, University of Groningen;

2014.5-2014.6 Secular Systems and the Stability of the Solar System, NCTS course on Dynamical Systems, 6h, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan;

2014.9-2014.12 TD Symplectic Geometry, a course of Prof. Gert Heck- man, as part of the Dutch National Master program “Mastermath”, 28 h, University of Utrecht.

Conferences and Seminars

I gave talks at the following conferences
Almost collision orbits in the spatial three-body problem, Journ ́ees Scientifiques de l’IMCCE, Paris, France;
Almost collision orbits in the spatial three-body problem, Workshop on Calibrations and Laminations, Freiburg, Ger-

Le temps de parcours dans le probl`eme de Kepler sph ́erique, Journ ́ees Scientifique de l’IMCCE, Paris, France;
Almost collision orbits in the spatial three-body problem, Workshop “Mouvements planétaires, dynamique des satellites et orbites des engins spatiaux”, Montreal, Canada.

I gave presentations in the following seminars:

2013.3   Séminaire, Avignon, France;

2013.4  Oberseminar, Bochum, Germany

2013.5   Séminaire ASD, Observatoire de Paris, France;

2013.11 Floris Takens Seminar, Groningen, The Netherlands;

2014.4  Math-Phys Seminar, Nijmegen, The Netherlands;

2014.8  Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

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Contact information

Oude Boteringestraat 52
9712 GL Groningen
The Netherlands

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