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A comprehensive motion analysis - consequences for high precision image-guided radiotherapy of esophageal cancer patients

Investigation of inter-fraction target motion variations in the context of pencil beam scanned proton therapy in non-small cell lung cancer patients

Is the 4D planning CT representative for breathing motion of esophageal tumors during treatment?

Technical Note: 4D cone-beam CT reconstruction from sparse-view CBCT data for daily motion assessment in pencil beam scanned proton therapy (PBS-PT)

Investigating 4D Cone Beam CT reconstruction for moving targets at a scanned proton gantry system

The REACT-Study - a Comprehensive Data Set of REpeated 4D CTs and Cbcts to Prepare for Pencil Beam Scanned Proton Therapy (PBS-PT) in Lung and Esophagus Patients

An automated, quantitative, and case-specific evaluation of deformable image registration in computed tomography images

Reproducibility of the lung anatomy under active breathing coordinator control: Dosimetric consequences for scanned proton treatments

The necessity of 4D-motion monitoring for thoracic tumors treated with pencil beam scanning proton therapy: a comprehensive 4D-imaging study

Treating moving targets with scanned proton therapy: Is 5 mm initial tumour motion a safe threshold?

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