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How sugars protect proteins in the solid state and during drying (review): Mechanisms of stabilization in relation to stress conditions

Kleine, flexibele suikers meest geschikt voor stabilisatie eiwit

Thermal Gradient Mid- and Far-Infrared Spectroscopy as Tools for Characterization of Protein Carbohydrate Lyophilizates

Influence of Miscibility of Protein-Sugar Lyophilizates on Their Storage Stability

In-line near infrared spectroscopy during freeze-drying as a tool to measure efficiency of hydrogen bond formation between protein and sugar, predictive of protein storage stability

Inulin, a flexible oligosaccharide I: Review of its physicochemical characteristics

Inulin, a flexible oligosaccharide. II: Review of its pharmaceutical applications

Size and molecular flexibility of sugars determine the storage stability of freeze-dried proteins

Uniforme poedermengsels: mengen beschouwd als een deeltjesverkleiningsproces

Numerical study of agglomerate abrasion in a tumbling mixer

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