prof. dr. K.N. (Klaas Nico) Faber

Associate professor / adjunct professor



  1. 2019
  2. Saeed, A., Yang, J., Heegsma, J., Groen, A. K., Van Mil, S. W. C., Paulusma, C. C., ... Faber, K. N. (2019). Farnesoid x receptor and bile acids regulate vitamin a storage. Hepatology, 70, 1222A-1222A.
  3. Sydor, S., Manka, P., Van Buren, L., Heegsma, J., Best, J., Baba, H., ... Bechmann, L. P. (2019). KLF6 INTERACTS WITH FXR TARGET GENES AND EFFECTS THE OUTCOME OF PRIMARY SCLEROSING CHOLANGITIS. Hepatology, 70, 805A-805A.
  4. von Martels, J. Z. H., Bourgonje, A. R., Klaassen, M. A. Y., Alkhalifah, H. A. A., Sadaghian Sadabad, M., Vich Vila, A., ... Dijkstra, G. (2019). Riboflavin suppresses inflammation and attenuates Crohn’s disease symptoms (RISE-UP Study). United European Gastroenterology Journal, 7(8(Suppl)), 460-461. [P0683].
  5. 2018
  6. Sydor, S., Wenning, C., Assmuth, S., Messerschmidt, I., Best, J., Moshage, H., ... Bechmann, L. P. (2018). Effects of a Single Fast Food Binge on Hepatic Steatosis, Bile Acid Metabolism, and Cytokine Profiles. Hepatology, 68, 1023A.
  7. Sydor, S., Manka, P. P., Schaenzer, J., Messerschmidt, I., Kinner, S., Link, A., ... Bechmann, L. P. (2018). Gut-liver interactions in celiac disease: FGF-19 and GLP-1 link disease activity to hepatic steatosis and liver injury. S561-S561. Poster session presented at International Liver Congress (ILC), Paris, France.
  8. 2017
  9. Sydor, S., Manka, P., Best, J., Jafoui, S., Sowa, J-P., Zoubek, M. E., ... Bechmann, L. P. (2017). Kruppel-like factor 6 is a transcriptional activator of autophagy in acute liver injury. Scientific Reports, 7(1), [8119].
  10. 2016
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