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How to find us prof. dr. K.J. (Kees Jan) Roodbergen

prof. dr. K.J. Roodbergen

Professor of Quantitative Logistics
prof. dr. K.J. Roodbergen
+31 50 36 32360 (direct)
+31 50 36 37020 (secretary)

Graduate students

Advisor of PhD students

  • Umur Hastürk; ongoing; Routing and Network Design for the Hydrogen Economy; (promotor)
  • Sahand Asgharieh Ahari; ongoing; Logistics models for the sharing economy; (promotor)
  • Ruben van Beesten; ongoing; Risk-averse logistics decision making under uncertainty; (promotor)
  • Kees Elbers; ongoing; Modelling of decision strategies in the Supply Chain; (promotor)
  • Arjan Dijkstra; defense date 01/07/2019; Order fulfillment: warehouse and inventory models; University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (promotor)
  • Marjolein Veenstra; defense date 15/05/2017; Formulations and algorithms for rich routing problems; University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (promotor)
  • Gerlach van der Heide; defense date 01/02/2016; Inventory control for multi-location rental systems; University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (promotor)
  • José Antonio Larco; defense date 25/11/2010; Incorporating Worker-Specific Factors in Operations Management Models; Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands; (copromotor)
  • Yeming Gong; defense date 03/09/2009; Stochastic Models and Analysis of Warehouse Operations; Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands; (copromotor)

Committee member of PhD students

  • Masoud Mirzaei; 16/04/2020; Advanced Storage and Retrieval Policies in Automated Warehouses; Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands; (committee member)
  • Dennis Prak; 23/05/2019; Practice-inspired contributions to inventory theory; University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (member of assessment committee)
  • Tim Lamballais; 16/05/2019; Optimizing the performance of robotic mobile fufillment systems; Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands; (committee member)
  • Thai Young Kim; 05/07/2018; Data-driven warehouse management in global supply chains; Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands; (member of assessment committee)
  • Karin Pauls; 11/10/2016; Inventory control for a perishable product with non-stationary demand; Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands; (member of assessment committee)
  • Bart Beemsterboer; 06/10/2016; Planning of combined make-to-order and make-to-stock production, University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (member of assessment committee)
  • Ward Romeijnders; 07/09/2015; Total variation error bounds for convex approximations of two-stage mixed-integer recourse models; University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (committee member)
  • Bertus Talsma; 28/11/2013; Performance analysis in elite sports. Statistical comparison, development, ranking, and selection in speed skating and soccer; University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (committee member)
  • Serra Caner; 24/10/2013; Closing the loop: Optimal Strategies for Hybrid Manufacturing / Remanufacturing Systems; University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (member of assessment committee)
  • Nima Zaerpour; 22/02/2013; Efficient Management of Compact Storage Systems; Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands; (member of assessment committee)
  • Mercy Rebecca Amiyo; 25/10/12; Decision Enhancement and Business Process Agility; University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (member of assessment committee)
  • Paul Ssemaluulu Mukassa; 25/10/2012; An Instrument to Assess Information Systems Success in Developing Countries; University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (committee member)
  • Dmytro Krushynskyi; 12/07/2012; Optimality, flexibility and efficiency for cell formation in group technology; University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (member of assessment committee)
  • Jean-Philippe Gagliardi; 08/03/2012; Gestion des systèmes automatisés d'entreposage - Simulation, optimisation et résultats empiriques; Université Laval, Quebec, Canada; (examinateur externe)
  • Onur Alper Kilic; 10/10/2011; Planning and scheduling in process industries considering industry-specific characteristics; University of Groningen, the Netherlands; (committee member)
  • Ricky Andriansyah; 29/09/2011; Order-picking workstations for automated warehouses; Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, the Netherlands; (committee member)
  • Christian Huber; 27/07/2011; Throughput analysis of manual order picking systems with congestion consideration; Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Germany; (Korreferent)
  • Daniel Potthoff; 21/10/2010; Railway Crew Rescheduling - Novel Approaches and Extensions; Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands; (committee member)
  • Tho Le-Duc; 23/09/2005; Design and Control of Efficient Order Picking Processes; Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands; (committee member)

Graduate students at University of Groningen (M.Sc. degree obtained)

  • Rowan Timmermans; 2021; Large instance multi-department shift scheduling; (advisor)
  • Koen Metzelaar; 2021; Outsourcing relationships in the context of product returns management in e-commerce; (advisor)
  • Annelotte Pool; 2021; Introducing a city hub for the zero-emission city center: using a two-echelon vehicle routing problem with compartment constraints; (2nd assessor)
  • Ilse Attema; 2021; Collaboration in last mile food deliveries: a multi-compartment vehicle routing problem; (2nd assessor)
  • Roos Hollander; 2021; Short term hospital bed capacity planning; (2nd assessor)
  • Mathijs Derksen; 2020; Combining fixed line planning and dynamic routing for passenger transport; (advisor)
  • Eelco Timmerman; 2020; Multi-Port Stowage Planning under Route Uncertainty; (2nd assessor)
  • Sam Dröge; 2020; Stochastic arrival of containers in a temporary container storage location; (advisor)
  • Jari Meevis; 2020; Robust Approximation Models for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows; (advisor)
  • Jurian Onderdijk; 2020; Task Assignment Problem for Security Screening Officers at Airports; (advisor)
  • Baris Demir; 2020; The impact of community involvement and development engagement on firms' financial performance; (2nd assessor)
  • Marco Hulsman; 2020; Using urban consolidation centres as warehouses for physical stores: a design science approach; (advisor)
  • Jimmy Smith; 2020; Standardizing social pickup points to mitigate risk perception and improve consumer adoption; (advisor)
  • Lisa de Jong; 2020; The introduction of the central planning facilitator into the Physical Internet system, from a strategic-business perspective; (2nd assessor)
  • Heleen Wissink; 2020; Designing centralization in the Physical Internet, from an operational perspective; (2nd assessor)
  • Timo de Haan; 2020; Patient scheduling for multi-priority patients with inflammatory bowel disease: a markov decision process approach; (2nd assessor)
  • Loes van den Beuken; 2019; Combined integration of zoning and floating-batch picking for large-scale e-commerce warehouses with an automated sorter; (2nd assessor)
  • Daan Hiemstra; 2019; A Choice-based Multiple Passenger Recovery Approach for Airline Disruption Management; (advisor)
  • Panagiotis Tzitzinos Tsanousas; 2019; The influence of input & output control mechanisms on value appropriation within a digital multi-sided platform; (2nd assessor)
  • Jorrit Brolsma; 2019; Autonomous vehicles in last-mile logistics: a design science approach; (advisor)
  • Mengfan Wu; 2019; Assessing benefits of overbooking strategies on inland freight transport systems: a simulation study; (2nd assessor)
  • Ivo Temmink; 2019; The influence of power injustice on buyer supplier relationships within online service triads; (2nd assessor)
  • Lisa de Jong; 2019; The influence of product information on a firm’s inventory strategy shortly after the product launch; (advisor)
  • Marieke de Boer; 2019; The inventory decision making process of new shopping products; (advisor)
  • Tristan Brouwer; 2019; The role of social micro hubs in the e-commerce last mile: A case study; (advisor)
  • Heleen Wissink; 2019; The societal impact of a new e-commerce parcel delivery concept: studying the effects of a social micro hub in a residential neighbourhood; (advisor)
  • Dorienke Zuidhof; 2019; Implementing big data analytics for SMEs: overcoming challenges and an implementation framework; (2nd assessor)
  • Heleen van Beek; 2018; The Driving Depot Vehicle Routing Problem; (advisor)
  • Rob Hermsen; 2018; Condition-Based Maintenance with Accelerated Deterioration; (2nd assessor)
  • David Enthoven; 2018; A metaheuristic for the Two-Echelon Vehicle Routing Problem with Covering Options; (advisor)
  • Marit de Vries; 2018; Last mile delivery within the Physical Internet Design of a City Logistics Smart Rack- hub for large-sized shipments; (2nd assessor)
  • Karim Charif; 2018; Minimizing order picker route length in a warehouse with dynamic item flows: a simulation study; (2nd assessor)
  • Lieke van der Heide; 2018; A heuristic for the Location Routing Problem with Stochastic Demand and a maximum workday recourse; (advisor)
  • Sumedh Kulkarni; 2018; Electric Vehicle (EV) charging scheduling to minimize power system imbalance: From aggregator`s and EV owner`s perspective; (2nd assessor)
  • Stavros Petratzas; 2018; E-commerce &Inventory Management: How inventory ownership affects the supply chain; (advisor)
  • Chiel Tjeerdsma; 2018; Dynamic optimization of aperiodic inspection and maintenance scheduling for two-unit systems; (2nd assessor)
  • Meike Mulder; 2018; Cross-channel integration: exploring which elements are relevant for collaboration between the franchisee and the franchisor; (advisor)
  • Selin Kilinc; 2018; The Physical Internet - Investigating the requirements and needed functionalities of an envisaged PI-system for high-value and long distance fresh food transportation; (2nd assessor)
  • Jordi van Rijn; 2018; Environmental sustainability decision-making in agri-food supply chains: Exploring the milk and pork supply chains in the Netherlands; (2nd assessor)
  • Xingni Chen; 2018; Empirical study on cost components of E-com product returns in footwear industry; (advisor)
  • Anouk Oude Vrielink; 2018; Integrating deliveries to consumers and businesses and returns using micro-hubs in city distribution; (advisor)
  • Arie Bijl; 2018; Integrating B2C Parcel Delivery with B2B City Distribution: A design science approach; (advisor)
  • Ruben van Beesten; 2018; A convex approximation for totally unimodular integer mean-CVaR stochastic programming models with total varation error bounds; (2nd assessor)
  • Björn Wokke; 2018; Knowledge Creation in the era of Cyber-Physical Systems: a Case Study; (2nd assessor)
  • Maik Havinga; 2017; Condition-based maintenance in the cyclic patrolling repairman problem; (2nd assessor)
  • Jasper Habermehl; 2017; Digital Business Strategy and Configuring the Supply Chain; (2nd assessor)
  • Richard Hornstra; 2017;An adaptive large neighborhood search heuristic for a vehicle routing problem with handling constraints; (advisor)
  • Fester Kroep; 2017; The Two-Period Vehicle Routing Problem with Crossdocking and Transfers; (advisor)
  • Siegrid Lenting; 2017; Scheduling trucks and workers in a cross dock with flexible doors; (advisor)
  • Valentijn Reuvers; 2017; Outsourcing Workforce Planning: Factors influencing the decision-making process; (advisor)
  • Ruben van Beesten; 2017; Convex approximations for mixed-integer mean-risk recourse models with conditional value-at-risk; (2nd assessor)
  • Yanne de Lang; 2017; How to source our product? The choice for a reseller or multi-sided platform; (2nd assessor)
  • Jordi Zomer; 2017; Look-ahead heuristic for positioning containers at an intermediary location; (advisor)
  • Joost Legebeke; 2017; Recapturing Value on Open Box Returns in an E-retailer Context; (2nd assessor)
  • Daan Faber; 2017; Outsourcing workforce planning: How do company characteristics affect outsourcing viability?; (advisor)
  • Iron Kurnia; 2017; Fuzzy Analytics Hierarchy Process (AHP): A Factor Prioritization on Offshore Wind Farm Warehouse Location Selection; (advisor)
  • Karen Huybens; 2017; Don’t let Maintenance go to wastes! Integrating sustainability in existing maintenance processes; (2nd assessor)
  • Julia Mair am Tinkhof; 2016; Important factors that influence contracting to pave the way for the Physical Internet; (advisor)
  • Joanneke Meijer; 2016; Inventory Control Framework for Nonstationary, Censored Demand; (advisor)
  • Nikos Skarlatos; 2016; A systematic literature review for business conditions that favor the selection of the inventory management strategy in e-commerce; (advisor)
  • Frank Mol; 2016; A variant of the Traveling Salesman Problem for attended home delivery; (advisor)
  • Marian Krom; 2016; Integrated Flight Re-timing and Crew Pairing; (2nd assessor)
  • Wim Schokkenbroek; 2016; Outsourcing order fulfillment when starting up a webstore: An exploratory study; (advisor)
  • Giancarlo Fabbro; 2015; Exact and Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for the Stochastic Inventory Routing Problem with Lateral Transshipment; (advisor)
  • Zedi Liu; 2015; An iterated local search meta-heuristic for a new class of pickup and delivery problem; (advisor)
  • Martijn Hoogendoorn; 2015; Maintaining storage assignment under changing demand; (advisor)
  • Michiel uit het Broek; 2015; Multi Depot Vehicle Routing Problem with Inventory Constraints; (advisor)
  • Albert Schrotenboer; 2015; Routing in warehouses with pickups, deliveries and order picker interaction; (advisor)
  • Willem Scherphof; 2015; Sorting out the order batching problem; (advisor)
  • Carolina Spronk; 2015;Integral Workforce Planning - An overview of factors that can be used in mathematical modelling; (2nd assessor)
  • Martijn Zijlstra; 2015; Heterogeneous empty wagon repositioning with a capacitated network design; (2nd assessor)
  • Kevin Mann; 2015; On a residual algorithm for the one-dimensional cutting stock problem and the effect of order characteristics on the waste percentage; (2nd assessor)
  • Maartje Jacobs; 2015; Dynamic demand allocation in a multi-channel company; (advisor)
  • Sylvia Jorritsma; 2014; The influences of supply chain management system elements on delivery reliability of spare parts suppliers; (advisor)
  • Leendert-Jan Nijstad; 2014; Plantwide inventory control strategy for highly volatile industries: a case study at Scania Production Zwolle; (advisor)
  • Stela Raykova; 2014; Order winners in FMCG supply chains and the necessity for integrating warehousing and transportation services: An embedded case study; (2nd assessor)
  • Brian Jacobs; 2014; Designing a Framework for Reducing Lead Times in Make-to-Order Companies: A Case Study at Motrac Hydraulics; (2nd assessor)
  • Mark Wolters; 2014; Developing supply chain configurations for a public library network: A case study at Biblionet Groningen; (2nd assessor)
  • Anna Dreischerf; 2014; Online Customers in Control: Reducing Warehouse Costs Through Differentiated Lead Times; (2nd assessor)
  • Nika de Vries; 2014; A Hybrid Genetic Algoritm for a Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem Variant with Split Delivery and an Inventory Restriction; (advisor)
  • Onur Çolak; 2014; Preventive lateral transshipments in an inventory system with multiple retailers; (advisor)
  • Albert D.K. de Vries; 2014; Developing and Testing a Framework for Continuous Improvement in Visual Inspection Processes: a Case Study; (advisor)
  • Marij Hoekman; 2013;Storage assignment under changing demand: periodic reslotting; (advisor)
  • Chieljan Pierik; 2013; Cross docking: Analyzing the cost advantages with low volume goods flows and unstable demand patterns; (advisor)
  • Jose Alejandro Lopez; 2013; Intra-Enterprise Collaborative Planning With Transshipments; (advisor)
  • Arnout Willemsen; 2013; Benchmarking temperature controlled warehouses; (2nd assessor)
  • Mirella Settelaar; 2013; Bridging the last mile of e-commerce; (2nd assessor)
  • Mark Hoek; 2013; Human behavior and dispatching rules in warehousing operations; (2nd assessor)
  • Rob van Werven; 2012; Improving the response time performance of A1-priority calls for UMCG Ambulancezorg; (2nd assessor)
  • Arjan Dijkstra; 2012; The Orienteering Problem with Set Bonuses; (advisor)
  • Pieter Stoeltie; 2012; Inventory positioning for a multi-channel retailer; (advisor)
  • Henrieta Steen; 2012; Online order fulfillment failures and subsequent shopping behavior; (advisor)
  • Jacob Z. Shao; 2012; Integrating storage assignment and retrieval sequencing for unit-load automated storage and retrieval systems; (advisor)
  • Bart Beemsterboer; 2012; Job Shop scheduling with Operator Constrained Setups; (2nd assessor)
  • Jelle Bouwkamp; 2012; Toyota kata's: the missing link for success of Lean within SMEs; (2nd assessor)
  • Sylvester van Dijk; 2012; Reducing product returns in internet retailing through customer differentiation; (advisor)
  • Bin Lin; 2012; Cooperation between Web Shops - A Method to Combine Shipments by Reactive Lateral Transshipments; (advisor)
  • Floor ter Heijne; 2012; Demand Forecasting for Book Sales - Gaining insights in customer demand for general books; (advisor)
  • Stefan Terink; 2012; Sorting Process Design - Increasing the productivity of the sorting process at PostNL Parcel Services; (advisor)
  • Nick Jetten; 2012; Determining Staffing Levels and Shifts for a Multi-Skill Contact Center; (advisor)
  • Inger Kolman; 2012; A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm to Solve the Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem; (advisor)
  • Jan-Willem Heeg; 2012; Downscaling a Sorting Centre - A study at PostNL parcel sorting centre Zwolle; (advisor)
  • Oscar Koekenberg ; 2012; Collection and delivery points - Een kritisch onderzoek naar de factoren die het succes van een CDP beïnvloeden; (2nd assessor)
  • Jutha van den Broek; 2011; New cooperation forms for webshops; (advisor)
  • Marina de Wolff; 2011; Improving gas capacity forecast model by mapping real time data to curves; (2nd assessor)
  • Gerlach van der Heide; 2011; Emergency transshipment and rebalancing policies in a library system; (advisor)
  • Sietse Wiersma; 2011; The comparison of co-packers of stationery: A model at an operational level; (advisor)

Graduate students at Rotterdam School of Management (M.Sc. degree obtained)

  • Katharina Kolle; 2011; Balancing product availability and spoilage for fresh bread at e-grocery retailer; (coreader)
  • Richard Leveling; 2010; Improving the order-picking process at Neckermann's textile warehouse; (advisor)
  • Thijs Vennix ; 2010; Creating a capacity design for the Holonite production department; (advisor)
  • Lennart Rhee ; 2010; Credit Rating Agencies and their role in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis; (coreader)
  • Madeleine Schrama; 2010; Verminderen van voorraaddagen van versproducten in de DC's van Albert Heijn; (coreader)
  • Arjan Rienks; 2010; How to optimize the picking process at the Bavaria distribution centre; (advisor)
  • Martine van Gangelen; 2010; Invloed op de productie va nde leverancier. Hoe ervaart de flowmanager zijn verandering in functie?; (coreader)
  • Zhebing Zhou; 2010; How to choose an appropriate routing method for a manual warehouse; (advisor)
  • Moniek van Veen; 2009; KLM deicing - Optimizing the supply chain of de-icing fluids; (coreader)
  • Michiel Knook; 2009; Greenhouse Manufacturing Optimization - a practical application of production strategy in a specific customer oriented environment; (coreader)
  • Ritesh Manbodh; 2009; European Bond Tender Offers; (coreader)
  • Gisela Royo Vidal ; 2009; The customer is king: which aspects of demand forcasting affect customer service - a case study at Valeo; (coreader)
  • Alberto Herrera; 2009; Linking planning performance to cost savings; (coreader)
  • Mark vd Heuvel ; 2009; vendor Managed Inventory - Fits all or almost; (advisor)
  • Annelies van der Staaij; 2008; Activity based costing for FMCG - Sorbo's price; (advisor)
  • Ferry Mulder; 2008; How should Xerox support a Closed Loop supply chain in Europe?; (coreader)
  • Jeroen Hogendorf; 2008; The impact of noninterest income on the stock returns and risk of banks; (coreader)
  • Wing Hang Lam; 2008; Corporate Express - Improving the demand forecasting and ordering methodology; (coreader)
  • Joost Dongelmans; 2008; The impact of delays on the logistics chain of container transport; (coreader)
  • Mirjam Struik; 2008; Spare parts inventory management - managing a sare parts inventory in a two-echelon network, applied to the network of NedTrain; (coreader)
  • Nathalie Duits; 2008; Improving oil distribution center performance - an analysis at Shell Brazil; (advisor)
  • Evelien Hooijman; 2008; RFID Who will benefit? Analysis if inventory level reduction for customers of a logistics service provider due to RFID enabled processes; (coreader)
  • Sidney Huddleston Slater; 2008; Financial donations and hospitals: an ideal combination?; (coreader)
  • Jannes van der Vaart; 2007; Optimalisatie van primaire distributie : een case study bij The Greenery; (coreader)
  • Didon Rahardjo; 2007; The implementation of discrete event simulation tools in studying jetties utilization at the Oiltanking Texas city terminal, USA.; (coreader)
  • Thomas van Beekhuizen; 2007; Internal transport in a retail warehouse: optimisation of the putaway process; (advisor)
  • Donata Koppejan; 2006; Nuclear Power: a hot investment or not?; (coreader)
  • Jantine van Schaik; 2006; De baas in huis - een onderzoek naa de bepalende factoren van consumenten loyaliteit aan A-merkartikelen in de supermarkt; (committee member)
  • Rick Tillemans; 2006; Internationalisation of venture capital-backed ventures: the contribution of the venture capitalist; (committee member)
  • Mengyuan Yang; 2006; Postponement speculation strategy: a framework of transportation mode decision for Toshiba midical systems Europe; (coreader)
  • John van Lamoen; 2006; Van uitstel komt afstel - een onderzoek naar de inrichting van het voorraadsysteem van revisiemotoren en cilinderkoppen; (coreader)
  • Andre Flach; 2006; Doing business in the era of RFID : a study on how standard business information systems deal with RFID; (coreader)
  • Annora Stavenuiter; 2006; Onderhandelingsstrategieën bij private equity transacties : een verkennend onderzoek naar succesvolle onderhandelingsstrategieën per verkoopmethode en per fase bij verschillende private equity transacties; (committee member)
  • Tjerry Fruhling; 2005; Supply Chain optimisation: improving customer service by increasing factory flexibility; (committee member)
  • Jeroen van Beek; 2005; Strategic multi-modal network design for intermodal operators : the development of a decision support tool for Geest North Sea Line B.V.; (coreader)
  • Maarten de Wijs; 2005; Verbetering performance intermodaal railvervoer; (coreader)
  • Nico Joosse; 2005; De uitbreiding van de Europese Unie : de gevolgen voor de Nederlandse transportsector; (coreader)
  • Marinus Vrolijk; 2005; To hear, to see, to speak : influences of moral openness on unethical corporate conduct; (committee member)
  • Eric Trijbels; 2005; Analysis of joint ventures in the oil industry; (committee member)
  • Patrick van Oudenallen; 2005; Six steps towards 4PL management; (advisor)
  • Jan-Erik Boersma; 2005; Bedrijfsvastgoed: waardevol voor een beursgenoteerde onderneming? : theoretisch en empirisch onderzoek naar de waarde van bedrijfsvastgoed; (coreader)
  • Stephan Stoelinga; 2005; Onderzoek naar de efficiëntie en effectiviteit van de distributiestructuur van Wavin Nederland; (coreader)
  • Mark van Beers; 2005; Distribution network design in the Gold supply chain; (coreader)
  • Elger Postma; 2004; Conquering Europe from Asia : opportunities for (company name) in the European retail logistics market; (advisor)
  • Marca Schotgerrits; 2004; Lerende organisaties binnen investeringsbanken; (committee member)
  • Rein van Leeuwen; 2004; Asset liability management voor elektriciteitsleveranciers; (committee member)
  • E.J. Koning; 2004; Onderzoek fuctiewaarderingssystemen : gezichtspunten bekeken; (committee member)
  • Wouter Metz; 2004; Extranets : the benefits and risks in the B2B environment; (coreader)
  • Michal Murtin; 2004; Gaining an edge in the US stock market : the empirical characteristics of a quantitative approach to stock selection; (coreader)
  • Iris Koeiman; 2003; Implementatie van een nieuw beleveringsconcept in de retailbranche : aandachtspunten op het gebied van organisatie & ICT bij de invoering van ketensynchronisatie; (coreader)
  • Femke Eusman; 2003; Oog voor planning : optimaal afgestemde planning voor retinapatiënten in het Oogziekenhuis Rotterdam; (advisor)
  • Pascale Lourens; 2003; Onderzoek naar de lay-out van het sorteercentrum brieven Rotterdam van TPG POST; (advisor)
  • Bob Knoester; 2003; Integration of short sea shipping in the supply chain; (advisor)
  • Eric-Jan Heling; 2003; Optimalisatie van het pickproces : loop minimaal, zoek kort & pick juist; (advisor)
  • Mattijs van Vliet; 2003; Op zoek naar integratie : onderzoek naar de structuur van logistieke informatiesystemen voor een logistieke dienstverlener in de chemische industrie; (advisor)
  • R.O. Willemsen; 2003; Maatschappelijk verantwoorde merken : de invloed van de omgang met MVO & de merkorganisatievorm op de mogelijkheden om een MVM te bouwen en/ of te voeren; (committee member)
  • Guido Sijbers; 2003; Magazijn ontwerp : de lay-out van het binnenlandmagazijn na centralisatieslag; (advisor)
  • Joyce van den Ende; 2003; Centrale opslag van Bosche producten? : onderzoek naar verbetering van de fysieke distributie bij Heineken DBS binnenland; (coreader)
  • Bram Tilmanns; 2003; Founding a mail & logistics hub in Bangkok : an analysis of the regional mail, cep & logistics markets for the Mail & Express Group B.V.; (advisor)
  • Fabian Engels; 2003; Productverkoop via : noodzaak, of noodplan?; (advisor)
  • Schelte Halma; 2003; Planning van installed base functies in een circular supply chain : aandachtspunten voor het verbeteren van planning; (advisor)
  • Luuk Peeters; 2003; Z.S.M. een lege haak! : een onderzoek naar de optimalisering van het lege haken management van het elektrisch monorail systeem in het Internationaal Mail Centre van TPGPost te Schiphol; (advisor)
  • Dorine Zeeman ; 2003; Blumex : een fleurige toekomst? : onderzoek naar een geschikt logistiek verwerkingssysteem in de bloemenhandel; (coreader)
  • Ciska Smeets; 2003; Distributiemodel milieukeurvarkens; (coreader)
  • Alexander Bregonje; 2003; The informative content of insider trades : an empirical study regarding the informative content of insider trades; (committee member)
  • Marc Laman Trip; 2003; Elektronische veilingen in de luchtvaartbranche : case analyse TAP Air Portugal; (coreader)
  • Coen Romeijn; 2002; Hoe worden ketenpartijen gemotiveerd om een logistieke innovatie ketenbreed door te voeren met behulp van aspecten ut de ECR? : een onderzoek naar de gevolgen van de invoering van de Dolly Tray in de retailbranche, waarbij de Efficient Consumer Response als onderbouwende theorie wordt gebruikt; (coreader)
  • Frank Boerjan; 2002; Centralisatie als remedie : een onderzoek naar de centralisatie van de logistieke services bij DuPont; (advisor)
  • Freek van Driel; 2002; Supply base management or supply chain management? : strategy and inventory control for a logistic service provider; (coreader)
  • Reinier Vrolijk; 2002; Directe leveringen in het distributienetwerk van Sony Europa : een onderzoek naar mogelijkheden voor optimalisatie; (coreader)
  • Sander van der Veeke; 2002; Introductie van een nieuwe voorraadstrategie; (advisor)
  • Linda Peltzer; 2002; Creating organisational structure in primary activities : combining centralization and locatlisation; (coreader)
  • Lydia Jonker; 2002; Onderzoek naar de optimale indeling van de magazijnen in de nieuwe distributiecentra van OPG Groothandel; (advisor)
  • P. Bastiaans; 2002; Generating organization mission and performance: an exploratory empirical examination in family businesses; (committee member)
  • J.J. Stapel; 2002; Het beoordelingssysteem van KPMG, een management control systeem!; (committee member)
  • B. de Vries; 2002; The formation of strategic alliances in the European airliner industry; (committee member)
  • E.C. Schenkel; 2002; "Managing ICT outsourcing : theorie en praktijk van ICT outsourcing; een casestudie bij grote organisaties in Nederland"; (committee member)
  • J.K. van Orden; 2002; New product performance : een kwalitatieve beschrijving van succes- en faalfactoren van innovaties in de mobiele telecommunicatiemarkt; (committee member)
  • H.J.W. van Hattem; 2002; De bepalende factoren voor de effectiviteit van e-mail marketing; (committee member)
  • Alexander Vreeburg; 2002; Improving the performance of a simple production line; (advisor)
  • Simone Merckel; 2002; Logistieke allocatie o.b.v. activity based costing voor L'Oréal Nederland B.V.; (coreader)
  • Polle Vermunt; 2002; The logistic service provider as a chain director in the jet fuel supply chain; (committee member)
  • Robert in den Haak; 2002; Strategische positionering van groothandelsfunctie in de context van de Internet economie; (coreader)
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