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How to find us dr. J. (Jorien) Vugteveen

dr. J. Vugteveen

Universitair Docent

PhD project (dissertation defended in November 2020)

Validation of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire for adolescents

The strengths and difficulties questionnaire (SDQ) is used to screen for psychosocial problems in children/adolescents and is widely implemented in the youth health care system in the Netherlands. Reasons for the SDQ’s popularity are that the questionnairre is relatively short, focusses on strenghts as well as difficulties, and can be completed by a parent, a teacher and/or the child/adolescent him- or herself. Regardless of its frequent use, the questionnaire has been validated for 3 – 14 year old’s, but not for older adolescents. In addition, it is unknown wheter the SDQ is sufficiently understood by youngsters with literacy problems.

The aim of this PhD-project is to validate the use of the SDQ as an instrument for screening for psychosocial problems in 12 to 17 year olds in the Netherlands. The focus will be on construct validity, criterium validity, and the extent to which these differ between informants (parent/self report en in case of adolescents with literacy problems: teacher-report).

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