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How to find us dr. J. (Justo) Serrano Zamora

dr. J. Serrano Zamora

postdoctoral researcher
dr. J. Serrano Zamora

Currently a postdoctoral researcher at the DFG-ANR project "Democracy and its Futures." Before he had been "wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter" at the Bavarian School of Public Policy at the TU München. Since July 2018 Dr. des. at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt. Title of the dissertation: "Reconstructing Democratic Practice: Exploring the Political Potential of Social Struggles." He has worked at the Institute for Social Research (Frankfurt am Main) and the EHESS (Paris). 2011 M.A. Political Theory, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt and TU Damstadt.

Edited volumes

Serrano, J., Gregoratto F. & A. Särkelä (ed.) (2017). Special Issue: John Dewey and Social Criticism. Journal of Speculative Philosophy 3(2).

Serrano, J. & G. Casuso (ed.) (2017). Las Armas de la Crítica. Barcelona: Anthropos.

Peer-reviewed articles

Serrano Zamora, J. (2019). Approfondir la démocratie : pratiques épistémiques et mouvements sociaux. John Dewey et le potentiel politique des luttes contre l’injustice. Pragmata: Revue d'Études Pragmatistes 2.

Serrano Zamora, J. & A. Särkela (2017). John Dewey and Social Criticism: An Introduction. Journal of Speculative Philosophy (3) 2, 213-217.

Serrano Zamora, J. (2017). Overcoming Hermeneutical Injustice: Cultural Self-Appropriation and the Epistemic Practices of the Oppressed. Journal of Speculative Philosophy, 3 (2), 299-310.

Serrano Zamora, J. (2017). Articulating a Sense of Powers: An Expressivist Reading of John Dewey's Theory of Social Movements. Transactions of the Charles S. Pierce Society 53 (1), 53-70.

Serrano Zamora, J. (2016). Challenging Public Inquiry. A Deweyan Approach to Emancipatory Movements. Kinesis: Journal of Philosophy, 41(1), 34-45.

Invited contributions to journals

Serrano Zamora, J. (2020, forthcoming). Can Problem-Solving Do More for Democracy? A Comment to Cristina Lafont's “Democracy without Shortcuts.” Krisis: Journal for Contemporary Philosophy.

Contributions to collected works:

Serrano Zamora, J. (2020, forthcoming). Democracy and the Problem of Domination. In R. Frega & S. Levine (Eds.), John Dewey's Ethical Theory: The 1932 Ethics. London: Routledge.

Serrano Zamora, J. (2018). Philosophie der Öffentlichkeit. In M. Festl (Ed.), Handbuch Pragmatismus, Stuttgart: Metzler, 377-382.

Serrano Zamora, J. (2018). Experiment. In M. Festl (Ed.), Handbuch Pragmatismus. Stuttgart: Metzler, 81-85.

Serrano Zamora, J. (2018). Wahrheit. In Festl, M. (Ed.), Handbuch Pragmatismus. Stuttgart: Meztler, 59-64.


Serrano Zamora, J. (2020, forthcoming). Review: Wendy Brown, In the Ruins of Neoliberalism. Constellations.

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