prof. dr. J. (Jan) Pruim

Nuclear Medicine Physician/Professor of Medical Imaging

prof. dr. J. (Jan) Pruim
+31 50 361 3503 (office)
+31 50 361 2205 (secretary)


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  6. 2015
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  11. Glaudemans, A. W. J. M., Dierckx, R., Otte, A., Pruim, J., & DEDEYN, PP. (2012). Good clinical practice and nuclear medicine. In Trends on the role of PET in drug development World Scientific Publishing.
  12. 2011
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  14. Abdoli, M., de Long, J. R., Pruim, J., Dierckx, R. A. J. O., & Zaidi, H. (2011). Clough-Tocher interpolation of virtual sinogram in a Delaunay triangulated grid for metal artifact reduction of PET/CT images. In 2011 IEEE NUCLEAR SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM AND MEDICAL IMAGING CONFERENCE (NSS/MIC) (pp. 3197-3201). (IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record). NEW YORK: IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).
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