J.P. van der Zee

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  1. 2019
  2. 2017
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  5. van der Zee, J., Christianen, M., Willis, S., Nava, M., Becking, L. E., & Palsboll, P. (2017). Shift in genetic diversity suggest temporal changes in recruitment of juvenile green turtles to an important foraging ground in the Dutch Caribbean. Poster session presented at ESEB 2017, Groningen, Netherlands.
  6. 2014
  7. 2013
  8. Cabrera, A. A., van der Zee, J., Olsen, M. T., Kovacs, K. M., Lydersen, C., Aars, J., ... Palsboll, P. (2013). Historical population dynamics of ringed seals, Pusa hispida, of the Svalbard archipelago:Predicting the response to climate change. Abstract from 27th Conference of the European Cetacean Society, .

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