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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. J.P. (Jan P.) Bakker


Salt marsh accretion with and without deep soil subsidence as a proxy for sea-level rise

Temporal and spatial accretion patterns and the impact of livestock grazing in a restored coastal salt marsh

Wat heeft het NNN voor Westerwolde opgeleverd?

A diachronic triangular perspective on landscapes: A conceptual tool for research and management applied to Wadden Sea salt marshes

Duur en start van verschraling bepalen dynamiek van brede orchis


Green beach vegetation dynamics explained by embryo dune development


Landschapsbiografie van Westerwolde

Long-term cross-scale comparison of grazing and mowing on plant diversity and community composition in a salt-marsh system

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Een unieke streek verdient een uniek boek. Landschapsbiografie van Westerwolde is nu te koop