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dr. J. Ouwehand

dr. J. Ouwehand

In 2004, I graduated from the University of Larenstein with a BSc Forestry and Nature Management. My passion for field ornithology and natural history shaped the course of this BSc program. I investigated nest site prevalence of European honey buzzards, did extensive fieldwork in Suriname on rainforest wild-life and sea turtles, and graduated with a dietary study of stranded Auks Alcidae.

After my BSc I worked for some years in an ecological research company ‘Altenburg & Wymenga ecologisch onderzoek bv’.


Driven by my need for in-depth ecological research I applied for the topmaster 'Evolutionary biology' at the University of Groningen, where I graduated in 2009.

I performed three projects that concerned seasonal carry-over effects in Pied flycatchers using stable isotope analyses (with C.Both), feeding versus nest attendance trade-offs in Lesser Black-backed Gulls (with C.J. Camphuysen at the NIOZ) and a genetic association study in personality traits of free-living birds (Parus major) at the Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology (with Dr. N.J.Dingemanse, Prof.dr. B. Kempenaers).

I’m currently a PhD (2010-2014) under the supervision of Christiaan Both and Theunis Piersma on climate change ecology.


 I complement these activities by being board-member of the Netherlands Ornithologists' Union (since 2006) and enjoying bird watching in the weekends.



Timmerman A., Bos D., Ouwehand J. & R. G.M. de Goede 2006. Long-term effects of fertilisation regime on earthworm abundance in a semi-natural grassland area. Pedobiologia 50(5): 427-432.

Professional Publications

Kuijper D.P.J., Schut J., van Dullemen D., Toorman H., Goossens N., Ouwehand J. & H.J.G.A. Limpens 2008. Experimental evidence of light disturbance along commuting routes of pond bats Myotis dasycneme. Lutra 51(1): 37-49.

Ouwehand J., Leopold M.F. & C.J. Camphuysen 2004. A comparative study of the diet of Guillemots Uria aalge and Razorbills Alca torda killed during the Tricolor oil incident in the south-eastern North Sea in January 2003. Atlantic Seabirds 6(3): 147-164.

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