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Clinical Relevance of Brain Changes After Electroconvulsive Therapy: Is There Really No Link at All?

Electrically induced neuroplasticity: Exploring the effects of electroconvulsive therapy for depression using high field MRI

Interrogating Associations Between Polygenic Liabilities and Electroconvulsive Therapy Effectiveness

Shape and volume changes of the superior lateral ventricle after electroconvulsive therapy measured with ultra-high field MRI

The Dentate Gyrus: Its Value for Depression

The dentate gyrus in depression: directions for future research

Vasogenic edema versus neuroplasticity as neural correlates of hippocampal volume increase following electroconvulsive therapy

Volume increase in the dentate gyrus after electroconvulsive therapy in depressed patients as measured with 7T

Volume Increase of the Dentate Gyrus Induced by Electroconvulsive Therapy Shedding Light on the Clinical Relevance of Plasticity in the Hippocampus

Immediate and long-term effects of bilateral electroconvulsive therapy on cognitive functioning in patients with a depressive disorder

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Klein hersendeel lijkt reden voor succes elektroshocks bij diepe depressie