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Lipocalin 2 contributes to brain iron dysregulation but does not affect cognition, plaque load, and glial activation in the J20 Alzheimer mouse model

Whole body vibration enhances choline acetyltransferase-immunoreactivity in cortex and amygdala

Whole body vibration improves attention and motor performance in mice depending on the duration of the whole-body vibration session

The brain at low temperature: Tau hyperphosphorylation dynamics in hibernation and torpor

Improved cognitive performance as a result of whole body stimulation in mice and men

Localization of pre- and postsynaptic cholinergic markers in rodent forebrain: A brief history and comparison of rat and mouse

Sleep deprivation impairs spatial working memory and reduces hippocampal AMPA receptor phosphorylation

Neuroprotective effects of vinpocetine and its major metabolite cis-apovincaminic acid on NMDA-induced neurotoxicity in a rat entorhinal cortex lesion model

Interleukin-6 upregulates neuronal adenosine AI receptors: Implications for neuromodulation and neuroprotection (vol 33, pg 2237, 2008)

Repetitive stimulation of adenosine A1 receptors in vivo: Changes in receptor numbers, G-proteins and A1 receptor agonist-induced hypothermia

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