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Altered posterior midline activity in patients with jerky and tremulous functional movement disorders

Functional motor disorders: mechanism, prognosis and treatment

Internet-based self-help randomized trial for motor functional neurologic disorder (SHIFT)

Shared demographics and comorbidities in different functional motor disorders

The chronnectome as a model for Charcot's 'dynamic lesion' in functional movement disorders

Altered intrinsic power spectral density of the precuneus in patients with hyperkinetic functional movement disorders

Botulinum neurotoxin treatment in jerky and tremulous functional movement disorders: a double-blind, randomised placebo-controlled trial with an open-label extension

Electrophysiologic testing aids diagnosis and subtyping of myoclonus

Fatigue, not self-rated motor symptom severity, affects quality of life in functional motor disorders

Functional motor disorders phenotypes. Lumping or splitting?

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