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How to find us prof. dr. J.L. (Jose Luis) Moraga González

prof. dr. J.L. Moraga González

prof. dr. J.L. Moraga González

Downloadable Working Papers:


 “ Non-Parametric Identification of the Costs of Search in Non-Sequential Search Models ” (with Zsolt Sandor and Matthijs Wildenbeest). (PDF)


“Structural Estimation of Search Intensity: Do Non-employed Workers Search Enough?” (joint with P. Gautier and R. Wolthoff), Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper # 2007-071/3, The Netherlands, 2007. (PDF)


"Mergers in Consumer Search Markets,” (with Maarten Janssen), Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper # 2007-054/1, The Netherlands, 2007 . (PDF)


“Competing for Attention in a Model of Search,” (with Marco Haan). (PDF)


"Platform Intermediation in a Market for Differentiated Products," (joint with Andrea Galeotti). (PDF)


“Strategic Wage Setting and Coordination Frictions with Multiple Applications,” (joint with Pieter Gautier), Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper # 04-063/1, The Netherlands, June 2004. (PDF)


Anti-Dumping, Intra-industry Trade and Quality Reversals” (joint with Jean-Marie Viaene), Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper # 04-124/2, The Netherlands, November 2004. (PDF)

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