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  1. 2019
  2. McClelland, S. C., Durães Ribeiro, R., Mielke, H. W., Finkelstein, M. E., Gonzales, C. R., Jones, J. A., ... Karubian, J. (2019). Sub-lethal exposure to lead is associated with heightened aggression in an urban songbird. The Science of the Total Environment, 654, 593-603.
  3. 2018
  4. Bebbington, K., Fairfield, E. A., Spurgin, L. G., Kingma, S. A., Dugdale, H., Komdeur, J., & Richardson, D. (2018). Joint care can outweigh costs of nonkin competition in communal breeders. Behavioral Ecology, 29(1), 169-178.
  5. 2017
  6. Feare, C. J., van der woude, J., Greenwell, P., Edwards, H. A., Taylor, J. A., Larose, C. S., ... de Groene, A. (2017). Eradication of common mynas Acridotheres tristis from Denis Island, Seychelles. Pest management science, 73(2), 295-304.
  7. 2016
  8. Morvai, B., Nanuru, S., Mul, D., Kusche, N., Milne, G., Szekely, T., ... Pogany, A. (2016). Diurnal and Reproductive Stage-Dependent Variation of Parental Behaviour in Captive Zebra Finches. PLoS ONE, 11(12), [e0167368].
  9. Hammers, M., Komdeur, J., Kingma, S. A., Hutchings, K., Fairfield, E. A., Gilroy, D. L., & Richardson, D. S. (2016). Age-specific haemosporidian infection dynamics and survival in Seychelles warblers. Scientific Reports, 6, [29720].
  10. Fairfield, E. A., Hutchings, K., Gilroy, D. L., Kingma, S. A., Burke, T., Komdeur, J., & Richardson, D. S. (2016). The impact of conservation-driven translocations on blood parasite prevalence in the Seychelles warbler. Scientific Reports, 6, [29596].
  11. Lemoine, M., Lucek, K., Perrier, C., Saladin, V., Adriaensen, F., Barba, E., ... Richner, H. (2016). Low but contrasting neutral genetic differentiation shaped by winter temperature in European great tits. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 118(3), 668-685.
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